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Make Your Singing Rock By Going A Cappella

Make Your Singing Rock By Going A Cappella
Here are 5 things all singers can do with some A Cappella development -says Mister Tim.

1. Be able to sing everything a cappella

Many, many singers rely on their accompaniment to define pitch, tempo, and feel for them. You, a smart singer, should be able to do these things on your own.

Check out Jimmy Fallon, The Roots & “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” Cast Sing “Star Wars” Medley (A Cappella):

If you have trouble with pitch, practice scales and exercises a cappella until your pitch improves (have an instrument for pitch reference, of course). Learn to set and keep the tempo yourself. Figure out what you want the feel to be, and how to establish it, and how to deliver it.

Your goal is to be just as powerful alone as you are with music backing you up.

Bonus benefit: you will often audition a cappella. You should be able to sing your best stuff all on your own; that includes getting your pitch, setting the tempo, and singing it convincingly.

2. Join or start an a cappella group

If you are singer because you love to sing, then what better way to enjoy singing than to sing? Join or start a group dedicated to singing and singing only.

An a cappella group is a great way to develop your musicianship, work on healthy singing technique, sing the popular music that you want to sing, and have a great deal of fun.

3. Be your own a cappella group

If you don’t have access to or time for involvement in an a cappella group, you can be your own! Using looping software or hardware you can be a one-person a cappella group. You will learn to be consistent with your rhythm, your harmony singing abilities will get better, and you might even be able to get your show on the road. VoiceJam Studio is an excellent app, and the TC-Helicon VoiceLive products have great built-in loopers.

4. Get your band to sing their parts a cappella

Back in my instrument-playing days I was taught that I should be able to sing anything I could play. If you play with a band, have the players lay off their instruments for a bit and sing with you.

Guitar sings the guitar part, bass sings the bass part, drummer beatboxes. Not only is it a fantastic rehearsal technique (section of the song not locking in? have everyone sing it!), but you could include it in your performances. Pick a strategic part of your set and bust out a section of a song a cappella, or sing a current cover a cappella… it will be the best experience your audience has all week!

A Cappella opening:

A Cappella interludes:

A song normally done with full band but here done a cappella:

And, because it is worth seeing:

5. Just Do It

Sing a solo a cappella song at your next gig. Something slow and beautiful, just you and your voice. Or something funky: you feel the groove, and maybe get the audience snapping or clapping along (on 2 and 4, of course), then let your voice go and sing something amazing. Bonus points if you get the audience to sing along.

My Reaction to This Week's Singing Competition Entry

Jake Donaldson Jake Donaldson - Take Your Time

Jake, tremendous voice. Enjoyable delivery of the song, clear and confident singing. I would love to hear you mix in some lighter quality to your voice, some head voice, pull the sound out of your chest and throat a little. This will help the beginning peaking sound a little more natural, and when you get into the higher singing it will be easier to nail the pitch on the high notes. Keep it up, good stuff!

Why I chose Jake Donaldson as a Finalist

I am choosing Jake Donaldson to move ahead in our competition because I am charmed both by his performance and by his potential. Keep at it, young ‘un!


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