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Marcelo Vieira – Let It Go cover

Vocal Coach Comments from Gina Latimerlo:

The high range parts of this song really show off your impressive sound up top! I know those sections are the most fun to sing, but you have to get your audience to stay with with you until you get to the “wow” factor at the end. Spend more time practicing the beginning sections – both getting the lowest notes precisely on pitch and shaping the tone in a more interesting way. Play with arching your tongue and showing some teeth on the low notes to brighten them up and keep them exciting. Create a rockier (guitar and drums) instrumental to match your vocal take.

Marcelo’s Bio:

I am a brazilian rock singer, living in Portugal. Just felt like doing my take on this song. Hope you enjoy it.

  • Marcelo

    Gina, those are awesome tips. Thanks a lot for the valuable insight! Will try!

  • Michael Auch

    very impressive range

  • I have to agree with the reviewer. Your upper range is really impressive…but I almost didn’t stick around to hear it because the first two minutes of the song were so far out of your comfort zone that they lacked passion and interest. I would either changing the key signature so that you are in a comfortable place throughout the entire song, or simply change the vocal melody in the beginning to suit your range. I also must agree that a “rock” version of this song would be very cool, given your timbre. From 2:00 until the end, this was a great show of your vocal range and control…and I enjoyed it.