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Maria Rose – Birthday cover

Vocal Coach Comments from Donna McElroy:

You are the full package! You know your instruments very well, and you are singing songs you know match your range perfectly! I would suggest you take some writing classes and start composing your own songs if you are not doing that already! Remember to rehearse standing so you can get the full filling of your lungs, and always take full breaths and keep your ribs expanded. The danger of being under pitch is always a consideration if a singer doesn’t have good support technique, so engage your full body in the performance! Good job, Maria, and keep growing!

Maria Rose’s Bio:

Singing is all I ever wanted to do! Ever since I was young, I would always fantasize about being on stage and blowing people away with my voice. However, I was TERRIFIED of singing, even to myself, fearing that I would hate what I heard. It wasn’t until High School, that I was able to work up the courage to try out for a choir- and I got in! Hearing my own voice for the first time was the most liberating experience I’ve ever had. I couldn’t believe how much I loved to sing, and I’ll never understand what took me so long to try!

  • Hi Maria I was so impressed by your singing. I read your bio too and I understand that fear. I noticed that people who have the most awesomeness don’t even realize it! I love that you sung this song with such great articulation and no fear. The song itself is so wordy and you didn’t miss a beat.You make excellent eye contact with the camera like it’s a real person in front of you. I feel like you are well on your way to being not just a singer but a performer as well! I can only agree with Donna about the standing to perform because you can engage your whole self! I think you are one to watch for in the future! Don’t forget to have fun because this helps you to develop your talent!

  • Maria Rose

    Thank you so much! It really means a lot! I’m working on the standing and it’s absolutely working!! Thanks for the tip!

  • Beautiful work, Maria! Wow, that was
    quite the performance! Your pitch was good, your articulation was
    superb, and your melismas were free, agile and clear!

    I agree with the vocal coach in that
    standing to sing, getting full breath-support, will be a big help to
    your already strong skills! (Glad to read that you’re already
    working that way – it will open-out so much more that you’ll be able to
    do with your voice.)

    The fact that you can play the guitar
    so well, as well, and that you’ve stood-up to your fear and taken
    that step to perform in front of others and loved that experience –
    so long as you continue to work through the “plateaus” we all
    have, you _are_ going to be quite the professional one day!

    Fall in love with the work every day – see
    every new challenge as a puzzle to have fun solving!

  • Maria Rose

    Wow! Thank you. I am absolutely stunned by the feedback I’ve been getting. It’s been so supportive, and I can’t express my appreciation enough! I knew, even before I posted this video, that the biggest challenge for me right now is breath support. So I am so glad that you guys noticed that and gave me advice for it. Luckily, I crave those challenges and puzzles that come along with music, because nothing tops the feeling I get when solve them, and the whole process is blast!

  • spartacusale .

    forget the music and married a rich one!!

  • Gail Attard

    lovely its also great that you can play the guitar …keep up the good work :)

  • Maria Rose

    Thank you so much!

  • Gail Attard

    welcome :)