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Mark Cunningham – Lead It (Original Song)

Bio: I’m a singer songwriter from New Zealand, working on my first album. Hoping to make a career out of it.

  • Hi Mark,

    Is that really live looping? If so…Right On! Brother you gotta' check out the new Voice Live Touch. TC Helicon just released some press…it's made for guys like you and I…any singer really…live looping to boot! I like your song Mark. It has that David Gray, John Mayer feel to it. Only thing is…you don't want to come off sounding too much like anything in this biz.

    I'd say you've got a stronger approach to songwriting than singing. Perhaps it's the recording but you sound very strained in the upper register and your veins pop out of your neck. Also note that you rear your head back and upward when you go for it…although it looks cool and emotive…you're cutting off half of your wind with that maneuver.

    If you want to make a career out if it you need to start working on gutting it out from the arse on up :) There's tons of great exercises and methods all over this site. Start with the technique tab above and work your way around. How often do you work your voice out…do you warm up before rocking?

    I think you're off to a good start but acoustic blues is a hard genre to stand out in…usually it's a unique sounding vocal, which accompanies the acoustics that resonates well with others. Try scatting about when you write…reach out for strong vowels that push through a feeling vs. a word…you can always add lyrics later…popular music seems to be more about welling up emotion than it is about anything else. All the best my friend!



  • Markcunningham06

    Hey mate, thanks!

    Yes it sure is live looping – heaps of fun and it allows me to bring something different to that whole one man band gigging scene.

    You are right on the money with song writing verses singing – I have been playing guitar for around 10 years but only singing for a year and have had no training. I don't do warm ups at the moment (maybe I should look into that)

    Thanks for the tips, I'll submit another tune if you don't mind reviewing it too!


  • Please do…I'd love to hear another :)



  • ronb15

    brilliant my friend.. really love this one.. you got a hell of a lot going for you! a real interesting and creative sound a solid vocal! you'll go far !