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Marketing – A Dirty Word for Singers?

Marketing - A Dirty Word for Singers?
It may surprise you to know that the arts sector and the financial sector are equal in that they each make up roughly 20% of our economy – says Leontine Hass.

Marketing: a dirty word in the Arts.

However, the reality is that if you are to succeed in this competitive business, marketing yourself as an artist is something you need to think about.

Why should someone come to see you in a gig or a concert rather than another artist? The pace of life for most of us is relentless.

After all, it’s a sacrifice to give up an evening, especially after a long day at work, traffic, bad weather and bills to pay.

In my experience people do not easily budge from their comfort zone.

You need to get your voice heard.

You need to get your voice heard.

Be THEM Focussed

What can you do to inspire someone to make a small change in their life and add a stressful moment to their day?

You need to inspire them. The reason someone wants to come and see you, is for THEM.

Not for you.

They want to see an artist who confirms and strengthens something they believe in. They want to see an artist who has beliefs and a sense of WHY they are doing what they do. They want to be inspired, taken out of mundane existence, elevated above the ordinary day to day.

Channeling Pop into Art

Pop is a frequently criticised genre. However, listen to the lyrics of some of the greatest pop songs ever written, and you will find in them a depth of emotion, poetic expression and connection to truth equal to any other great work of art.

And the greatest artists channel this truth in a way that transcends technique.

The greatest artists manage to connect their audience with something bigger than themselves and our ordinary existence.

Why We Do It

I am a vocal coach. If I tell you what I do and how ‘successful’ I am, will it encourage you to book a session with me? Don’t we hear enough of those stories?

What about if I tell you why I do it?

This is why I do it: I am passionate about music and singers. I want to be the singing teacher I never found.

I want to be someone who fixes your technical problems simply and practically, someone who builds up your confidence, someone who believes in you and gives you a plan, someone you work with to create better art, someone who gives you structure and practical guidance with your technique, your practice, your career – in order to allow you to fulfil your potential and see you flourish both as a singer and as a person.

Why do you want to sing?

What is important to you in life? What message do you want people to hear? Who are you? What are you passionate about? What do you want to inspire in people?

Who Do You Want to See on Stage?

Who Do You Want to See on Stage?

If you lead by example and let your light shine, it will inspire others to do the same.

Do we want to see someone on stage apologising for their existence? Do we want to see someone on stage who has won lots of awards?


We want to see someone inspire us who has a sense of who they are and what they believe in.

If you want people to give up their precious time to come and see you, you need to be so much more than just another singer who wants to be famous.

Back to Marketing

It may surprise you to know that the arts sector and the financial sector are equal in that they each make up roughly 20% of our economy.

The arts are not to be sniffed at. Why? Because people are passionate about the arts.

Marketing is a wonderful thing. If what you have to offer is worth seeing, marketing is the activity which facilitates this. It allows people to find out about you.

If you can work on defining why you do what you do and what the bigger picture is for you as an artist, the process of convincing others that you might be worth seeing may be easier than you think.

My Reaction to This Week's Singing Competition Entry

Béla Becht Béla Becht - Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) Cover

Bela, you have a unique voice used economically and it is courageous to be so still. I found this quite mesmerising. Your voice is well connected and you are very good at connecting to the lyrics. I would love to hear what you might do with a more difficult song. It is also very important that videos allow the audience to see your eyes and face properly. The fact that you are somewhat distorted by the shadows from the blinds is a shame. The eyes are the windows to the soul. But you do make it seem easy and have a truly unique style that makes me want to hear more.

Why I chose Béla Becht as a Finalist

I am choosing Bela to move forward into the finals as I think he has a unique voice and style. His rendition of the song is truly individual and there is something captivating about the way he sings it. I would also like to hear more from him and his excellent voice.

Leontine Hass

Leontine Hass BA, Melb. Uni, BMus. Kings College London, Dip. RAM is a singer, actress, vocal coach and Director of The Associated Studios and WAM.Co (The Word and Music Company). As a vocal coach, Leontine has a busy private practice comprising professional singers and recording artistss