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Mary Sarah – Don’t Stop Believing – Cover

Bio: Mary Sarah completed a 40-city, KidzBop® World Tour as a featured soloist and ensemble performer in January 2008. A self-assured 15-year-old, Mary Sarah began performing at age eight in various regional events and venues. Not long after her debut, she entered vocal training with Tom McKinney Vocal Studios. Vocal training is a discipline she continues to undertake locally with Mr McKinney and Ms. Jane Turner of Rosenberg Music as well as when in Los Angeles with Lis Lewis of The Singer’s Workshop. Mary Sarah aspires to be ”a voice for those who don’t have one.” Currently Mary Sarah is in studio working on a full length album with noted producer Dwight A. Baker due out next spring.

  • Hi Mary Sarah!

    Awesome!!! No easy task covering Mr. Perry :) I love this performance. You’re dashing, have great stage presence and a fantastic voice. Thank you for sharing.



  • Shared Music Review likes it!

  • Christworks

    Excellent!! A rare voice! I really love it! You will do well!!

  • TY Mr Brian! I LOVE that song, when GLEE did it i knew i had to perform it one day…

  • TY sooo much!

  • redhotcountry


  • Cheyenne Lavene

    The stage fits you well, and you sound really great.

  • Jmill0773


  • Sarah Bella

    I can only repeat what everyone else said, Wow stunning voice!!