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Matt Cason – She’s Hurting (Original Song)

I’m 23 and from the Detroit, MI area. I started writing about a year and a half ago after graduating from college. I’ve written about 60 songs to date. I’d like to continue to improve my vocal technique… I suffer from tension and a limited range but I’m not really sure how to tackle the problem and haven’t been able to find a teacher in the area I feel comfortable and confident with. Thanks in advance for your comments!

  • mattcason

    Hey everyone, this is my video. Thanks for all your comments! I really appreciate it! Please check out some of my other youtube videos (ext. Matt Cason) and/or find me on facebook or myspace. :)

  • Detroit! Tough town :) Kind of nice to hear something on piano from your neck of the woods…I have a lot of friends that play metal up there. Matt, I like the basic structure of your song. Not sure how you recorded but do you notice the brashness? I would enjoy hearing this song in a warmer context.

    I like that you lose yourself in the piece. You seem to have written it for or about someone, and emotion shows on your face, so you are conscious of dramatic application. You need to really let go though my friend and sing from your heart and your belly.

    I know it's a challenge to sing and play well at the same time and you're on your way to doing a good job of it. I recommend separating the vocal from the piano and practicing them apart from each other. Develop the piano, as well as the voice, as unique entities and then bring them back to the middle. Right now you're competing with yourself.

    I imagine this song sounding very warm with some laid back verb on your voice. To me, the most memorable part of the song is the intro piano piece, which kind of cycles in and out of the song. I also really like the change on the piano.

    I do enjoy a good portion of your lyrics, but I don't feel that you're hook is very strong, melodically. Keep working it out and perhaps you'll capture a more definitive vocal line for your chorus. Continue with the good work Matt. You're young and talented. Stay committed to your practices and you will go far!