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Matt Iverson – Radar Love cover

Vocal Coach Comments from Rachel Lebon:

Cool rendition of Radar Love. Have not heard this tune much, but it’s obvious that you are tech savvy. Effective use of tech! Difficult to discern if your voice is as husky as it sounds in the solo at the front, or effects prior to adding the “harmonies. Works either way, complimenting the guitar solo. Drums work nicely as well, along with the Bass intro. Do guard the voice, however, so that you don’t forfeit it completely. Might explore more repertoire as a one-man-band, though I suspect you already are. Enjoyed it!

Matt’s Bio:

I just went through 10 major surgeries after being rear ended. 1 of these surgeries required pushing my vocal chords to the side to work on my spine. I suffered severe nerve damage in 3 limbs. The fact that I am still doing this is a miracle! Thank you to all my Doctors and nurses!!

  • Lucida

    This was fantastic!!