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Matt Woltjer – Ruined Me

Hi guys, I’ve been singing and playing a few years now and I’d love to hear any feedback from my fellow VoiceCouncil friends.
Thanks, Matt

  • Søren

    Really great song. Nice breaks/muting of strings during the verse. Would be nice to hear in a studio version with produced vocal. I think your next step is to play this song live and make a recording of it. Nice work!

  • sartay

    its really good! nothing much to improve on, except for a SLIGHTLY clearer pronunciation of words (something i struggle with too, dont worry). but the guitar playing and ur tone of voice is fantastic. :) good job.

  • Hi Matt,

    Overall, nice vocal delivery.

    Very contemporary vocal style; very radio friendly sound.

    One suggestion:

    It seemed to me, at times, that when you rose up into your
    higher register, your voice, at the very top, seemed just
    a bit tight.

    I know, this happens to me to, when I get up to the top
    Of my vocal range.

    I think you would improve your sound at the top by just
    dropping the key down maybe a half step or so, to give
    Yourself a bit more headroom at the top of your vocal range.
    You will feel more comfortable, and the sound in your higher
    register will feel and sound more natural.

    Be careful though, because if you are like me, sometimes
    when I lower the song, I start to scrape at the very bottom of my range.
    Just go easy with dropping the key at first, experiments,
    and see what it feels and sounds like.

    I think you have an excellent, contemporary vocal sound, very pleasing
    tone quality, delivery and phrasing. Just the right amount of emotion
    too. Good job!

  • carmawoltjer

    Hell, there really is a Woltjer who can sing ;-)

  • josefiineh


  • Hi, Matt. Congratulations. That's a nice song and you have a beautiful voice and colour. I am no pro so my comment is only an amateur's oppinion. Regarding your singing, sitting on a chair is not a good thing to do. You can´t get enough downwards push to reach those high notes. I find your range too “thin” (about a octave and a half), but that may be because of the melody of the song. I would suggest you start singing at a lower range and try to expand upwards as you sing along the song in order to increase the climax. Regarding the composition itself, I miss a break in the song somewhere. It may be before a chorus or after it, but the songs needs (in my oppinion) some surprise somewhere. Otherwise, it is too predictive. I am sorry my english is not good enough to understand the lyrics, but I like the emotion you put into it. Wish you great success.

  • Hey Matt, First the song is very good. Second you've got a good voice. I like it because it doesn't sound perfectly polished. You still have a raw quality to it. I think this is a very good performance. You put emotion in it. Nice job.

    I do understand this is a camera mic. One thing I would do is maybe record the verses with a very close mic, then belt the second chorus for a variety of texture, and bring down the level of the guitar. But that requires several mics, someone to monitor the levels (which let's admit it is nearly impossible to do while you're trying to perform). Add a drum and bass to it and you're done. Have fun in the studio.

  • Hank

    Don't take this the wrong way….it was a little boring. You have a great voice and a great sound but you just need to find a way to add some pizzazz.

  • G_Alexander

    Hi Matt,

    respectfully, I have to disagree with Hank. I absolutely love your style, voice, and musicianship. In fact, I really can't identify something for you to improve on. Go for it man!!!!

  • billyethridge

    Very expressive voice, Matt. Your high notes sound a bit strained, yet completely subject to upper range extension, fluidity, and relaxation with full power. In other words, your voice is a rich instrument.

    Paco had some good observations about your song structure — 'well done yet would benefit from a “surprise”. Many skillful songwriters do something not only unexpected, but somehow musically “fitting”, even gripping.

  • ujiya

    Hi Matt,

    I love the pain in your voice…very emotive and honest to the ears. Yeah, lil' pitchy now n' again and strained…but it's called “Ruin Me” right?! I love the song and feel it's got great hit potential. I kept hearing big string builds in my head by the end of the song…this tune could go half o' dozen different ways and still come out right. There's a seasoned soulfulness in the melodies you've chosen. Keep rockin' Matt!!! :)



  • Had to come back by and give it one more thumbs up…

  • wdf1964

    Man tough crowd in here. Love the song Matt…you sound wonderful. No pitch problems that I can hear. Keep it up!!!