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Meet Our Singing Semi-Finalists!

Stage with lights

Welcome to the semi-final of another exciting VoiceCouncil Singing Competition!

Over the past six months, aspiring singers have submitted their YouTube videos to our Singing Competition Summer 2017. Our in-house vocal coaches hand-picked some of the semi-finalists, and the VoiceCouncil team hand-picked some more who deserve a chance at the big prize.

We have twelve semi-finalists who are fighting for a $1000USD music gear prize. Meet them below…

VoiceCouncil Singing Competition Summer 2017 Semi-Finalists

  • Kirsten Collins

    Selected by: VoiceCouncil Team

    Song: Hello

  • Milena Bianco

    Selected by: VoiceCouncil Team

    Song: Forever Young

  • Platinum

    Selected by: Jai Ramage

    Song: One Republic Medley

  • Rachel Kennedy

    Selected by: VoiceCouncil Team

    Song: Sandcastles


    Selected by: VoiceCouncil Team

    Song: If I Ain’t Got You

  • Harini Padmanabhan

    Selected by: VoiceCouncil Team

    Song: Me, Myself and I

  • Nel Begley

    Selected by: Tessa Niles

    Song: Lover Man

  • Tina Franklin

    Selected by: David Combes

    Song: 2 From the Heart

  • Timothy Christian Liu

    Selected by: VoiceCouncil Team

    Song: Blackbird

  • Maria Rentifidou

    Selected by: VoiceCouncil Team

    Song: Toxic

  • Michael Jantzen

    Selected by: Ron Browning

    Song: In the Cool of the Night

  • Ruth Anna Mendoza

    Selected by: Dr. Rachel Gates

    Song: How Deep is Your Love?

Final round

To proceed to the next round and become a finalist, our semi-finalists will be submitting a new YouTube video for us. We’ve asked for a unique interpretation of a cover song, challenging them to sing their chosen song in a different key, tempo or genre to the original.

We’ll be announcing our finalists in a special article next week.

The overall winner will be chosen as a result of the final video they send us – but we will also be taking your comments into account, so check out this talented showcase of singers and let us know who you are rooting for in the comments!

Are you a singer yourself? Disappointed that you missed the deadline? Never fear – our next competition is already underway and we’re still accepting entries. Enter our next competition!