Meet the Team

Meet the team! From left: Chris Kennedy, Greg Barker, Kathy Alexander, Chris Ashton
From left: Chris Kennedy, Greg Barker, Kathy Alexander, Chris Ashton. The full team is below:

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    Greg Barker

    Gregory A. Barker, PhD (editor) is the Commissioning Editor of VoiceCouncil Magazine, the leading on-line publication for emerging vocal artists. He is also a published author with Oxford University Press and an educational and business coach. He loves creating effective text and encouraging individuals as they pursue their goals.
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    Kathy Alexander (editor) is a staff writer at VoiceCouncil Magazine, the leading on-line publication for gigging singers. Kathy is also a singer, vocal coach and choir director. She has appeared in Vision TV's Let’s Sing Again, The Sooke Philharmonic Orchestra and the Victoria International Jazz Festival (main stage). You can reach Kathy at
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    Chris Kennedy

    Chris Kennedy is the principle product reviewer and resident tech expert for VoiceCouncil Magazine
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    Freya Astrella

    Freya Astrella holds an M.Mus in Vocal Performance, a BA(Hons) in Professional Musicianship and a Certificate of Figure Proficiency from Estill Voice International. She is a CCM voice researcher and educator as well as a professional performer. Say hi:
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    Janine Le Clair

    Janine Le Clair is a soulful Country recording artist, an international award winning vocalist and renowned vocal coach. A published writer with SSM Nashville since 2009, she has had many cuts with American Country Artists and several Top 15 hits in Australia including Natalie Howard's 'The Girlfriend', 3rd Wheel's 'Gettin' Hitched' and her own single, 'Bulletproof'. Le Clair is a dual citizen of Canada and Australia. Website | Music Row Voice
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    @ChrisBAshton is VoiceCouncil's principal web developer. He's also a keen singer and composer, and is currently a tenor in the BBC Symphony Chorus.
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    Lani Elisabeth

    Lani is an editor and graphic designer for VoiceCouncil. Outside of the magazine, she composes for games and film, holds a grade 8 in piano, and is studying towards a BSc in Chemistry. Website