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Megan Mason – Superstar (Cover)

Bio: I am 17 and currently live in Dallas. I love singing and writing music but this is my latest video, which is a cover of Taylor Swifts song, Superstar. I like to be unique and different and I hope to someday connect with other people through my biggest passion, music.

  • Hello Megan!

    Thank you for sharing your talent with us. You have a lovely countenance and picked a good cover for your voice. I'm not big on covers though unless the artist truly chooses to make the song their own, change it in some undeniably “good” way. You've done a great job of capturing what's already but done but I don't really hear Megan Mason in there???

    You may or may not like these bands but to show you better what I mean…check out the following song from the original artist and then by the artist that covered them…you can fine 'em all on you tube:

    “What's Goin' On” = Marvin Gaye / A Perfect Circle

    Note how different, yet effective, they are from each other…still the song reigns true but the “cover” artist is able to put his own stamp on it.

    I do encourage you to work on your keyboarding more. Practice scales and passages daily. Yes, scales are boring as heck…check youtube and other online sources for free charts for some of your favorite songs.

    Ultimately, I feel you just need to focus on who Megan Mason wants to be as an original artist. If you struggle to come up with music of your own, take a song like the one you've performed, and analyze it. For starters…write a tune in the same key and arrangement as this one so that you can discover the methods the original artist used to fabricate a hit!

    Keep at it my friend…you are young and have tons of potential. Keep shedding and practicing and start looking for other artists to mingle and write music with…you'd be surprised how much you can glean from working with other people + it's so exciting to hear one of your own songs come into fruition.



  • Janiceduffek

    Hi Megan! It's Janice, Delores's cousin in Calif. She has always told us about your singing so it was great to hear and see you! I'm sure we'll see you on Am Idol someday!! You've got the sound & the look! Good luck sweetie! xoxo Janice

  • Hey, it's Mo from Germany! Very good song-choice, it fits great to your voice.
    I've got nothing more to say, so keep up the good work!