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Michael Cameron – Feelings

I’m a musician from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

  • Hi Michael,

    Nice song. Right off the bat I enjoy the guitar work. Vocals are smooth but aren’t strong. Looks like your mostly singing from the throat, which sounds cool, but could hurt you over time. Lyrics are good and make the mind drift. Keep rocking, I really enjoy your music.



  • Bilgo

    Hi Michael,
    I think your voice is beautiful! the trills are spot on, your tone is great and your pitching is flawless. guitar work is awesome as well, wish we could get a bit less guitar and a bit more vocals in the mix.


  • Awesome guitar playing. I would love to hear an acapella version of this song. You have a smooth voice and I enjoyed!

    Keep it coming!

  • jehn

    I love the tone of your voice. I truly feel you can train anyone to sing, but it’s a gift to have the voice to go along with it.

  • Which microphone is that you’re using, Michael?

    I don’t know whether this is true or not, but are you lip-syncing? The audio and the visual sounds slightly out of sync for me.

    That said, great guitar playing, and you have a nice voice too! I can imagine you pulling quite a reaction from the crowd when on stage!

    Cheers and good luck,

  • Mudcat

    Nice tune and well played. I wish the vocal jumped out just a bit more or pull the guitar back but over all sounds pretty good