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Michael Fox – Whisper original song

Hi, I am Mike from Cornwall. I have been sing and writing songs for as long as I can remember and I just recently out playing live and trying to get known locally. I just love to sing and I do it every day lol.

  • Hiya’ Mike,

    Great performance!  You hava an original voice and seem very comfortable performing this tune.  Nice vocal range and vibrato.  You’ve got a future my friend.  Video and audio quality are crisp, which lends a solid representation of this song.  I look forward to more submissions from you!  Awesome lyrics too.



  • KowBoy Tom

    You are a very talented
    guy. Good song writing, good vox, and good guitar support. I like it all.I’m
    especially glad to hear you’re taking your gifts to the “live” arena. Playing out
    live will help you more than you can imagine.One little tip: Audiences like it
    when you sing TO them. How do we know you’re singing to us? Because you LOOK at
    us when you perform. Dig? Keep going!KowBoy Tom

  • David Wayne Fletcher

    Hello Mike,
    Awesome lyrics and you really have the pipes. I think you could hit both sides of the pond with your song writing. BTW loved Crime Writer.
    If you bring a little more dynamics to Whisper on the vocals, I think you could really slay it. “Will you whisper just to me”… get a little more breathy and tender. Get close to the mic and maybe use a pop screen if your mic needs one. and get a little stronger @ “Fade in” and softer with “Fade out” More with “too much traffic”… and much stronger @ “pound my fist”.
    Try recording it again, just for yourself, to see if that makes it really POP!

    David Wayne Fletcher