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Michael Greenberg – Best of Us Die- MGB (solo)

Bio: Noted for a unique soothing sound, catchy melodies, and unruffled stage presence, Michael Greenberg is beginning to create a pre-game buzz for audiences through out the Northeast. Michael Greenberg has performed for many artists such as Tim Reynolds, Ben Taylor, Keller Williams, Disco Biscuits, Dispatch, Edwin Mcain, Josh Kelly, Blue Oyster Cult, Verve Pipe, Jeffory Gaines, Livingston Taylor, The Breakfast, Jeff Timmons (98 Degrees), Ryan Cabrera and more! Greenberg brings a new twist to the traditional pop style. He has diverse inspirations ranging from rock, folk, jazz and bossa nova. Described as an “awesome songwriter,” having “damn fine writing skills,” and “brilliant acoustic guitar work,” it is no wonder that Michael’s music brings listeners to a standstill. You too will find yourself uncontrollably hitting the repeat button to his songs, humming the choruses for weeks. “Instead of generic acoustic fluffery, here comes gorgeous finger-picking, perfect rhyming lines bearing rounded, ripe fruit, and the

  • Hi Michael,

    Nice amalgam of genres! My head’s rockin’ and my knee’s bouncin! Even though the lyric has a dark overtone, its sets in as real…you land a lot of great textures and take us on an easy journey. The guitar work is killer! The vocal seems overplayed by the fine guitar work…would love the hear your voice shine, with impact, like your acoustic skills do. Great song and talent! :)



  • Rpappas

    amazing voice and talent

  • Jonathan

    Sounds great man! I definately dig your vibe.

  • Matthew

    I would love to hear this kid with some TC Helicon products behind him. nasty!

  • Melissa P.

    Amazing… great song too.

  • Yup,

    He could use the Touch or VL2, and run his guitar through it as well…would clean up voice and guitar and add some really nice colors, some of that sweet syrup!



  • Andynjas

    I really love your song and the lyrics!

  • Sarah Bella

    Soothing vocals and wonderful guitar work! The song had me tapping my foot and swaying. Would love to hear vocals pushed even a little more for a great finish :)