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Michael Stefinjak – Fool For Your Lovin

Me singing with a backing track

  • saigonx

    Very nice, old man! Keep on running!

  • Micky D Marshall

    Nice to see a more mature artist doing the business. I enjoyed everything about this…..Keep on rockin’.

  • tippy ferris

    SUPER JOB…I would def love hearing you perform for the evening..what else you got..???

  • Ed

    It’s cool!! the energy and the vibe! 

  • Hiya Michael,

    I’ve seen quite a few of your vids now.  It’s always fun to watch you having fun.  However, not so sure this tune is the song for you.  Seems you’re really reaching to bring it home.  Not bashing, just not my favorite performance from the infamous Brother Michael.  You’re licks are growing fierce though my friend = woohoo!



  • Poiter

    Ain’t no age for Rock n’ Roll! Well done Michael you certainly prove that adage!

  • KowBoy Tom

    Michael Stefinjak, this video is fun, thanks!

    KowBoy Tom