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Michael Stefinjak – Fool For Your Loving – Whitesnake Cover

Bio: I use voicelive 2 and backing tracks.

  • Billy

    Excellant ….love it. Keep up the good work

  • stealduo


  • J.C.H.

    Very enjoyable, a competent performance indeed.

    The Voicelive 2 – a well deserved addition to compliment anyones efforts ; the icing on the cake – if you will.

    ( I'll just have another listen )

  • woah!.. what an amazing voice!, great guitar playing too!, would love to go to your concert, you rock!!

  • frank Cerven

    really enjoyed this cover of this song.you gave a good performance.keep it up.

  • john schofield

    great cover mate did a wonderful job keep up the great work!

  • Kimberley Cerven

    good job keep it up !

  • Bob Berry-Whitehurst

    Well done Begorra,look forward to next Vid.

  • pam bates

    good song an sound great keep it up !!!!

  • Bob

    Nice one Mick your holding it all together nicely

  • staggy

    Bur where are the scantily-clad women? The explosions? The spandex?

    Ah… all will be revealed in the next video, no doubt! :-)

    On behalf of all here at AppleStore Manchester though, awesome work indeed!

  • Fiona

    Great song!! Top Guitar!! :)

  • Hi Michael,

    Interesting rendition of a now classic 80's metal tune…David Coverdale definitely had the pipes to boot! I like that you've given it a more gut bustin' blues feel…which was a good move for you no doubt…Dave's a hard act to follow, so it was a wise choice to go with what ya' know and keep it manageable. When covering a great vocalist it's best to match the artist to a “T” or straight up have some fun with it and do your own thing…which you have done.

    I will say that the music sounds canned and you're more or less rocking the rhythm guitar and singing along. I adore modern electronic music and the capabilities that sequencing affords us but not at the expense of losing the organic nature of music. I imagine you do this for fun, or might possibly have a beach duo or something of the sort. You sound great for that type of setup and you'd probably get a lot of gigs down here in southeast USA…the beaches would love ya!

    I'm curious, what patches were you using in the voice live 2? It sounds like you have an overall good, regular, vocal sound. Since you're playing the covers anyway, why not explore that machine a bit more heavily and use some of the harmony structures and modeling to add some snap to that vocal…heck since you're already leaning toward a southern blues approach to this…add some country flair and drops some 3rds or 5ths in there with a hint of subtle twang. Keep rockin bro…I wish you well.