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Mike – Never Will

Hi I am Mike from Cornwall England. I am a singer songwriter. This song is about meeting a woman on a beach who is not quite what you might first think. :) www.youtube.com/araknerman Thank you for listening.

  • KowBoy Tom

    Mike, this is a very good video. Thank you for posting it. The lighting is perfect.Your song and performance are just as good, too. I like the dynamics you bring to the table.An occasional bit of eye contact with the audience would be icing on the cake. Always remember to ask yourself: “Am I playing for my audience or am I playing for myself?” You have a great deal of talent, keep going!

    -KowBoy Tom

  • Tina

    i like it!

  • David Wayne Fletcher

    When is the CD release?!?

  • Alec Drow

    Beautiful tune my friend =)
    Very good job !!!

  • Hiya’ Mike!

    Nice song.  I enjoyed the imaginitive vibration of this song and the colors it brings to the mind’s eye :)  You have a good voice and great gear.  Keep going!