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Mike Sharp – Sitting, Waiting, Wishing cover

I am a singer/songwriter/guitarist out of Baltimore, MD. I play about 3-4 local shows a week, mostly solo-but also with some amazing band mates whenever possible. I record youtube videos to share every Monday via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.-For live shows, I use a VoiceLive2 and love, love, love it; as I do reading this website!

  • Iversonmatthew

    Wow you sound great clean!! This was a great performance!!

  • one of my favorites! I LOVE and live for Music Monday!

  • Love Mike and this song is an awesome cover! 

  • Awesome!

  • Mikesharpsongs

     Thanks Lee!

  • Mikesharpsongs

     Thanks Amy!

  • Mikesharpsongs

     Thanks Iversonmatthew!

  • Hi Mike,

    Great take on this number! You’ve got a warm and approachable vibe. You’be got down home feel to your voice and playing style and seem really comfortable performing this song. Thanks for the awesome performance!