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Mikey – Thinking About You cover

I am just a guy from Des Moines, IA trying to make it big. I go to College and I’m a very loving, funny, wild person. I dream nothing except of being on the radio one day

  • Hello Mikey,

    Brave to go acapella.  However, without a pitch reference it’s a very difficult venture.  I encourage you to conitinue this approach as it’s unique and a tough thing to acheive.  Having a pitch and rhythm reference will aid you greatly toward accomplishing these goals.  Your pitch wavers when you trill and your timing isn’t consistent.  I feel you have a good voice…putting a little more care into your practice will help you reach this unique performance style with flying colors!



  • KowBoy Tom

    Mikey, smoooooth. You’ve got an enchanting voice, keep using it. The next step is to sing to the audience instead of yourself. How? Look at the audience when you sing to us. I encourage you to keep at it, you’re good.

    -KowBoy Tom