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Mimicry Vs. Individuality

This week we’re looking at the pros and cons of vocal mimicry over finding your signature sound.

As artists we draw our inspiration from the things around us, soaking up our surroundings for inspiration, before releasing it back to the world in a creative cacophony of music and art. Accordingly it’s only natural that we inherit the characteristics of the singers we listen to, trying to re-create their signature sound so you to can share in their success. However, without the proper support (from a voice coach or specialist) vocal mimicry can sometimes lead to an unhealthy approach as in finding the desired aesthetic we acquire a myriad of bad techniques. Whatsmore, why do we feel the need to mimic, surely as individuals we should all strive to achieve our individual sound.

So the question is: Is it ok to mimic other voices that we like (our singing idol or voice teacher) or will this ultimately rob us from finding individuality in our sound?

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Great Comments from last week:

Last week Craig asked: In your opinion, what are the top promotional tools (online or otherwise) singers should be ‘plugged into’ in order to find success in the modern music industry?

Memeth Astrodog wrote…

“YouTube, YouTube, YouTube, YouTube, YouTube. Seriously, if you make it there, you can make it anywhere”.

Martin Wood commented…

“YouTube. Works as a showreel for bookers and audiences alike”.

Quincy Stallworth posted…

1.) Word of Mouth.

2.) Real Talent.

Thank-you for your comments guys, I think it’s quite clear who the winner is looking at the feedback.

See you next week,