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Molly Newman – Peacefully, We Rest (Original)

Bio: Molly is a college student studying to be a kindergarten teacher who writes music in her spare time. She comes from California but is currently living in Sweden.

  • Ha, ya' got by me Molly!

    Hey this is a cool song. You're unusual and fun to watch in a quirky sort of way. This is a captivating number and I take from what I can glean from the lyrics that it's about loving something that you can never really have for very long. Of course I can hear a song like this being more produced…

    Have you ever heard of Penguin Cafe Orchestra? If not, please do check them out…I can hear a similar type of treatment to your music with a hint of electronics. Just a thought. Your voice is enchanting and sometimes throws me into Renaissance Fair mode…but it can also be accentuated to be key feature to your style. You could almost pull of an Enya type vibe but more earthy and rustic.

    Anyway, I'm just shooting at stars…but there's potential here. You seem pretty comfortable with the guitar and your song…the only big hiccup was near the end before you say “just a treat.”

    It's a great turn of events for the lyrics and the end of the song, so I like that you make a firm statement. Do be sure to time that right and offer the passage the impact it deserves. That doesn't mean go Metal on it…just emphasize the statement and walk it down hypnotically and methodically. Listen to me, telling you what to do with your song…I don't mean to but I am inspired by your approach.

    Even if you don't aspire to be all Hollywood with your music, think of what a grand impact it will have on your students some day. Keep your art in focus through your college studies…it can always serve you as comfortable place to go when you don't have the money or time to take a vacation. Lovin' it!



  • I listened to this again today and I still like it quite a bit. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind recording the guitar separately and then try singing over the recorded guitar line. I bet your vocal and countenance will be better placed~