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Money for Your Recording Project

You can fund your music through a new on-line tool.

Singer-Songwriter Rachel Bennett decided not to wait for someone else to front the money for her new album.

She’s raising the money herself through the new website wefund.

We spoke to Rachel about how this is working for her and might work for other vocalists.

So, Rachel, how does “wefund” work?
Well, you apply to wefund with your idea to raise funds (in my case, for an EP). They place your project on their site (you have to make a short film) and you state your aimed amount and the timescale in which you need to make it. Wefund is heavily subscribed but they liked my proposal…

What do people who make a pledge get out of it?
You offer perks in return for people’s pledges – so a donation of 10.00 gets you a signed album – 50 gets you a studio coaching session with me ….etc. None of the money goes to your Paypal account until its all in.

What happens if you don’t make your target?
It all goes back to the pledgers!

Who are all of these “pledgers”?
Your pledgers are made up of friends and their friends and office colleagues etc. – so you need to make the perks interesting and realistic!

OK – I assume that you are trying to pay for studio time? How much is your project going to cost?
Well, I’m really lucky: I’ve had a number of great musicians donate their time because they like the music –and I have a fantastic sound engineer, Wes Maebe of The Sonic Cuisine, who has been generous too. I just need to raise the funds to pay for finishing the work, getting it copied and packaged and out to all the people who need to hear it!

What will this cost?
I’ve set a target of 2,000 pounds (3,200 USD) and I need to reach that in 4 weeks!

Are you truly a starving artist who needs donations?
Like many VoiceCouncil readers, I’ve spent a large percentage of my earnings over the years on developing the band and gigging, setting up release launches etc. I am a freelance voice coach and singing tutor – so earnings fluctuate …(understatement)!

Have you ever done anything like this before?
I haven’t done anything like this for my own work though I have been involved in fundraisers for other projects and I have sold tickets for my own gigs and launches – but watching a balance grow on line is a strange experience and as a very independent person it has taken me a little time to get used to the idea of asking for help!

Any tips for other vocalists who use this method?
I think the fact that my perks are really good value and I know I can deliver them is helping me a lot! It’s been quite a learning curve in various ways! When my project manager Jasmine helped me make the film, her insight was very useful – you need to be yourself on the film, be honest and generate some genuine excitement about your own work!

Can people take a look at your wefund site to see how this looks?
Of course I won’t mind that ;-) Just go to www.wefund.co.uk/project/earthbound -You might get some ideas for your own project!

So, how will you “push” your project once its done?
Of course I will market my CD at my own gigs and concerts. I will also use it to try to get radio time. I would like the songs to be used for film or theme tunes etc., but have been advised by many colleagues at the top end of the industry that independence is of the essence these days! So I guess I am not hanging around for some “deal” – I’m getting on with it.

Rachel Bennet is a London-based vocal coach and singer songwriter who wishes to thank Wes Maebe at The Sonic Cuisine and musicians Ralph Salmins, Jon Klein and Elliot Randall for stepping on-board her project. You can learn more about Rachel atwww.raiemusic.com . Also – check out Raie’s facebook page.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for letting me know about this – and good luck!  You say that they don’t accept every body – what are the kinds of things that make a project desirable to wefund?

  • Riae

    Hi G Alexander.

    They are looking for compelling projects that will stand out, raise some interest and ultimately ones they believe will reach their target.

    There are 2 stages:
    1. Putting together a proposal explaining the project, and what the rewards will be
    2. If successful, create a video and complete a compelling project page.

    – Be realistic about your target
    – Make the rewards for pledges individual and exciting
    – Show wefund how you are going to promote the project through your website &
      social media channels as they check these out as part of your pitch
    – Be open, honest and most of all yourself! 
    – Spread the word to all your colleagues and friends

    Good luck! Raie x

  • Raie

    Hi all

    With 3 days to go until my project comes to an end on wefund – we are currently at 96% of our project target – thank you to all those who have supported it so far.

    As an added incentive, there is a free download up for grabs for all those who pre-order the EP. The track entitled ‘Goliath’ features legendary guitarist Elliott Randall!!

    Let me know if any of you have your project on we fund so that I can check it out!

    Raie x

  • Thomas-N-Taylor

    Nice Video, Nice Vocals.  Nice to hear you.  I look forward to hearing more of your music.