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More about Bill Gibson

Bill Gibson:President of Northwest Music & Recording, Inc., a Seattle-based artist development, recording, and production company that produces a wide range of music, print, and media content. He is a National Trustee and serves on the Board of Governors for The Recording Academy. Gibson has spent the last 30+ years writing, performing, recording, producing, and teaching music.

He is the author of more than 30 books and videos about audio recording and live sound, most recently including the Ultimate Live Sound Operator’s Handbook, the Ultimate Church Sound Operator’s Handbook, and The Hal Leonard Recording Method (6 volumes). His recent works with Quincy Jones (Q on Producing) and currently with Bruce Swedien (The Bruce Swedien Recording Method) are the beginning of Hal Leonard’s Legacy Series. Bill teaches at The Art Institute of Seattle and Berklee College of Music in Boston and—as the Developmental Editor for Hal Leonard Performing Arts Publishing Group in New Jersey—is constantly working with multiple authors in the development of new instructional texts and videos.

Bill is a regular contributor to VoiceCouncil Magazine through his regular blog, “Did You Know That…?”