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More About Confidence

YOUR CONFIDENCEOne key to confidence is to concentrate on what you’re good at.

Confidence breeds more confidence (and we’re talking about feeling comfortable in your own skin and happy with your musical output, not raging egomania or arrogance) so focus on your strengths.

Are your high notes what people always comment on? Are you a great lyricist? Are you a brilliant interpreter of songs? Acknowledge your best bits and build from there. Achieve your goals. Setting goals and achieving them is a brilliant way to build confidence.

Start small and achievable e.g. This week I’m going to practice my new song 3 times for 30 minutes as you grow make sure your goals do too.

If selling out a stadium gig is where you want to be in the future, set clear realistic and achievable marker goals that will let you know you are closer to this overarching ambition e.g. Months 1-3 record 4 songs, months 3-6 sell out EP launch party and local radio play

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