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More about Daniel Borch

Daniel Zangger Borch is one of Sweden’s most recognised vocal coaches and has been a regular on adjudicating panels for popular TV shows such as ‘Idol’, ‘True Talent’ and ‘X-Factor’. As a professional singer and songwriter, Daniel has an ongoing performance career as lead vocalist with a variety of contemporary commercial bands. He has recorded seven albums and presented around eight hundred concerts around the world. Daniel’s vocal versatility is evidenced by his ability to present a wide range of cross-genre styles – from heavy rock, soul to jazz.

Daniel holds a PhD in Music performance, supervised by Professor Emeritus Johan Sundberg, Daniel’s doctoral thesis is titled: “Singing in popular music genres – artistic, physiological & pedagogical aspects”. Daniel is Head of the Voice Centre, Stockholm.

Daniel continues his research focus on the science of phonation patterns and habits for singers in rock, pop, and soul styles. He has published journal articles, both commercial and scientific, as well as an instructional video for singers called “Vocalist”. His book “The Ultimate Vocal Voyage” has been released internationally.