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More Winners!

Your peers reveal their favourite quotes, tips and secrets of vocal success…

Congratulations to last month’s Peer Review Video winners: Andrew Trotter, Dave Kester and Laura Monk– all have won a TC-Helicon VoiceTone T1 Pedal!

We’ve caught up with each of our winners to share an important thought with the VoiceCouncil Community.

Juicy Tid-Bits

Andrew Trotter’s advice is to enjoy singing; love for singing can outweigh nerves when performing and will mean you enjoy yourself, regardless of the audience.

Dave Kester’s favorite vocalist is Dallas Green because of his extensive vocal range, his unique tone, and the pure emotion he sings with.

The best thing Laura was taught about singing was from her 6th grade chorus teacher who said you should raise your eyebrows when trying to reach high notes. “It stayed with me and it really does work!”

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