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Moritz Seibert – Scream out into the Night (Original)

Bio: I’m Mo from Germany and I’m 15 years old. I love making music in anyway. So I hope you guys will like my music :) Mo

  • Johnny

    einfach nur richtig gut – mach weiter so ! gefällt mir richtig gut . ( und das von nem alten Rocker nä ;D )

  • Sunny

    Hey super
    Ganz ganz tolle Stimme.
    Macht total Spaß dir zu zuhören.
    Ich hoff du wirst damit mal noch berühmt :)
    Dazu kann man einfach nichts Schlechtes sagen, weil es total gut ist.
    Weiter so und hör niemals auf damit

  • Hey Mo!

    Great job on the overall production of your song. The guitars and vocals sound crisp, up front and personal. The lyrics tell a solid story and stay cohesive from beginning to end. Your timing is pretty good to boot…I appreciate that you labored over this performance and the black and white imagery lends itself well to the moody nature of this tune. Then only thing I'd like ask you to improve upon is the emotion and dynamics of your hook. Your singing “Scream out into the night,” so how about it then? Gut it out on those choruses and leave the fluff for the rest of the tune…it'll really help to push this song over the top. Great job Mo…I really like this number!!!