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Most Popular Vocal Health & Technique Tips


We announce VoiceCouncil readers’ top choices on keeping their voices in top shape.

We put our work clothes on, descended into the archives, dug through volumes of papyri and located our 5 most popular health and technique articles of all time.

(Well, it was a little easier than that.)

Here is your chance to get the best of the best advice on how to sound — and feel — amazing:

WaterSingersThumb1. Why Singers Need Water
Does chugging a glass right before you get up on stage actually lube up your voice? No, says Shelagh Davies. She explains everything you need to know about how water makes your voice work better, and why you must battle the drying effects of singing. Read More.

2. Your Warm-Up, Your Bedrock
When she followed a training program to prepare for a half-marathon, it was obvious to Jenn Bostic that warm-ups and proper coaching were essential to her safety and success. Yet, she used to sing four-hour gigs with no vocal warm-up! She explains why singing needs the same approach as athletics. Read More.

3. Harmonize in Thirds
Do you want to be able to sing sweet sounding harmonies? Lisa Popeil says, sing in thirds. Don’t know what that is? No problem. She makes it easy with video clips and simple instructions that any singer can follow. Read More.

4. Move From “Good” to “Incredible”
Jenn Bostic explains how singing about her father’s death opened her eyes to a new world of musical expressiveness, after years of focussing on the perfection of technique. Read More.

5. Good Speaking, Good Singing
Are you giving your speaking voice the same attention as your singing voice? Many singing issues stem from how a singer talks, says Sue M. Jones, especially when their day job requires heavy voice use. Read More.

-Kathy Alexander