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Move Them From Song-Fans to Brand-Fans

Move Them From Song-Fans to Brand-FansHow you can convert fans of your song to become fans of your brand itself? Asks Dimitra

It’s critical that we, as singers, are in touch with the interests of our fans – and bond with them beyond a single song.

I spoke with Jay Frank recently and here is his great advice about making this happen.

Identify Your Own Brand

The first thing that comes up, of course, is that you need to identify your own brand. Just follow these steps:

Identify what your talent is

Identify what your talent is

  1. Identify what your talent is; for example, are you a great guitar player? Are you a great singer? Do you play keyboards really well?
  2. Recognize that you have the talent to make it work. Once you have the talent then you can describe yourself. What do you want to do; do you want to sing rock? Do you want to be pop? Do you want to play Jazz? Do you want to be an electronic musician? Do you want to look like the cool kids? Or do you want to be mainstream?
  3. Identify how you want to take that talent, shape it and decide which direction you want to go. Once that happens, and you understand that you’re talented, and you know the genre and the style, then start writing and creating songs and finding your hit song.

Realize That Your Music Consumer Works in the Opposite Direction

  1. First thing is they hear a song then they decide, do I like this song or not? Is this song a good one? Is this one I want to sing? Is this one I really want to be excited about?
  2. If they like the song, they go and buy it.
  3. Now that I like this song, is this musician the same style of music that I like? Is this musician somebody who is singing in genres that I like? Do they wear the clothes that I like? ‘So, they basically decide if they have the right image’.
  4. And last, “Okay, I like this song, I like their style of music, now let me actually discover if they’re talented.”

Understand the Conversion Process

So, for musicians to convert somebody from being fan of the song to the fan of the brand is the recognition that it starts by basically recognizing that they come in a different way.

What’s important to you, the musician, is not necessarily important to the fan.

What’s important to you, the musician, is not necessarily important to the fan

So, once you engage them with the song, and you get them involved in the song that they might fall in love with, then you have to basically get them in through the style of who you are, and recognize that they may not necessarily care exactly how talented you are.

They may care more about what you do in your private life, who you party with, what social causes you’re a part of, what movies and TV shows that you like, they want to get connected on that level.

And that tends to be much more important than whether or not you can actually play or not.

Start Promoting Your Cultural Style

So, recognize that it’s about promoting your overall cultural style perspective.

A lot of artists on social media spend all this time doing things like, “here I am in the studio,” “here’s me behind the scenes, practicing for my tour”. The fans don’t want to know that.

They want to know “who did you have dinner with, what video games you like playing.” Those are the things that fans care about, and those are the things that people bond about because they can relate.

This is the first in a series of articles by Dimitra.
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Dimitra is a Music Artist and a Music Business Coach. Dimitra makes a full time living from her music and she coaches artists on how to make a living and money from their music.

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jay frankJay Frank is the Owner and CEO of DigSin, a new singles-focused music company that allows subscribing fans to obtain music for free. DigSin signs new artists to deals that leverage new platforms, social networks and analytics.