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Music – To Read Or Not To Read?

This week we’re looking at the advantages of having a ‘good ear’ over the ability to read notation. 

Once upon a time the ability to read music was a staple skill among both vocalists and instrumentalists alike. However, the focus has shifted in favor of what some refer to as a ‘good ear’. Those who acquire these skills are often far better improvisers, living and breathing the music as it occurs in the moment. Nevertheless, can vocalists really afford to ignore reading music? This week we’d like to know which of these two skills you value the most.

So the question is: As a singer, which of these two skills is more important; A natural ear for melody and harmony or the ability to read music notation?

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Great Comments from last week: Last week Craig asked: What qualities would you say are essential in a good band leader?

Wally Bernard commented…

Humility, confidence, great ear, ability to admit mistakes, always thank band members for their hard work”.

Russell Hoke wrote…

To have a clear vision and plan and the means to bring the group together to carry out the shared vision for success. Be realistic about your talents and the ambition if the band. Delegate and follow thru and be able to admit when you need help”.

Jeremy Thomas responded…

“Decisiveness. You have to be able to make a decision and make sure everyone accepts it. Never be afraid of a decision. Charisma. People have to trust you or they will falter from their own path. They must trust that you will get them where they want to go as well. Observation. You must listen to people and get to know them to get the best out of them. Play to their strengths. Ego. Not something I am comfortable with, but people have expectations of you as a leader, and you need to reflect the importance that others place upon you. Humility. Never forget to question everything, and listen to people’s opinion on your work. Just like ego, it is vital, but needs to be kept in check”.

Great comments this week guys.

All the best, C x