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My 5 Essentials –with Laura Clapp

I’m a one-woman show; this means that instead of a gig bag, I have a gig jeep! It’s filled with everything I need to put on a solo performance, including an entire sound system. What “essentials” would I throw into just one a gig bag? Here are my top 5 choices…

1. Audio Technica 2010 Microphone
The first time I used this mic, my husband exclaimed: “That mic sounds incredible with your voice!” He has never said this of any other mic I’ve used, so this is the one for me. It’s a condenser mic and it’s great for my particular voice. You see, I tend to overpower a lot of mics and this one keeps taking everything I give it—and it picks up every nuance. I had been using a Heil PR-20 (a very good mic), but the Audio Technica has more of an edge for me. It’s listed at about $170.00 but you can often get it for less.

2. Zaolla Cables
I have a lot of cables as my cabling needs change for each gig I do. Yes, I know Zaolla cables are expensive; they’re supposed to be the best because they use silver to conduct the sound. I’d cry if I ever lost them. For people who don’t want to spend quite as much but still want quality—try Monster cables. Cables are one of the most important parts of your gig arsenal, so I can’t stress enough how much it helps to check your cables and then check them again to make sure you have the right cable for every situation.

3. Pedals and Pedalboard by Pedaltrain
As a singer-guitarist, I have a lot of pedals. For singing, I use a VoiceTone Correct. It’s not a necessity—I can sing without it—but it helps me to sound so much better. The Pedalboard is fantastic; there’s room for 6 pedals and the pedals are held on by Velcro—ideal for a singer-guitarist.

4. Extension Cords and Power Strips.
I can’t tell you the number of times my husband has had to perform a rescue operation and drive back home to fetch the power cords. If you show up at a venue you haven’t played before, you don’t know where their nearest source of power is going to be. After many years, I know exactly what I need: 2×20 foot extension cords and 2 power strips.

5. Anti Gross Out Travel Accessories.
It’s so easy to feel gross traveling. You are tempted to eat greasy food you would never have at home. You use equipment that may have a dubious handling history, so, I always pack some Purell anti-bacterial gel. I will even take a tissue soaked with Purell and wipe off strange mics etc. I don’t know it if works but I tell myself that it does. I also pack along DanActive a yogurt drink that claims to be super-healthy. I don’t know about the claims, but I do know that it helps me not to feel so gross!

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  • Mike G (In FL)

    Laura, I too like the Audio Technica mic you’ve mentioned (especially on a vocalist with powerful vocals) but, recently I purchased the Sennheiser e965 for my wife’s vocals & I was left speechless! I have a Midas 24 channel Venice F console, using the TC-Helicon Voice CREATE for reverb, and the new TC-Helicon VoiceTone E1 (Echo & Tap Delay) for subtle tap repeats on the end of phrases, etc. I have used everything from Shure SM-58’s, Beta 58’s, Beta 87 A & C models, ElectroVoice ND-767a & 967, EV RE-410 condenser, etc. . . . and I have never heard her vocals sound so incredible, until I tried the e965. You’ve got to check it out!