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My Fav Apps When I’m On Tour

Hit singer-songwriter Jenn Bostic reveals the Apps she can’t live without on the road.

Jenn Bostic has a blossoming career both in the UK and the USA – with her song “Jealous of the Angels” reaching nearly 2 million views.

We caught up with Jenn and asked her to tell us about the Apps she finds more helpful on her latest tour – just click through the slide show below!

  • 1. WordSwag

    My good friend Sarah Darling turned me on to this incredible app. It’s a great way to put creative and unique text onto pictures for show posters and motivational or lyric social media posts. I have spent too many hours fighting with photoshop for a quick show poster, and this app makes a clean add in about 90 seconds.

  • 2. Hoopla

    This one is a very new favorite! My good friend and incredible artist, Michael Logen told me about it. Hoopla is a digital library that allows you to borrow audiobooks, movies and music to your phone via Wifi for free. All you need is a library card in your city and you can listen to whatever’s available. I’m currently on a west coast tour and I’ve already gone through 5 books, including a 16-hour documentary on The Beatles.

  • 3. atVenue

    This app has made my life so much easier! atVenu is a user friendly mobile app that allows bands to report their sales from any iOS device, which means I don’t have to remember to bring my Soundscan forms to every gig, or remember to fax or email them later. At the end of each night, I quickly enter my CD sales for the evening, have a venue representative sign my cell phone, and click “submit.” So easy, so convenient.

  • 4. Spotify

    Paying a monthly subscription for an endless amount of new music helps me to experience more artists. I love the “Available Offline” feature for all my long drives out on the road. It’s great to be able to see what friends and favorite artists are listening to as well, constantly broadening my knowledge of both popular and obscure music.

  • 5. Instagram

    While I love all the major social media apps like Facebook & Twitter, Instagram has been really fun out on the road. Constantly capturing moments to share with friends, family and fans makes me feel like I’m taking everyone with me on tour.

I could go on and on about my favorite apps and add about 20 to this list, but out here on the road these 5 have been used the most.

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Jenn Bostic Bio

Jenn Bostic is a singer songwriter who’s hit song “Jealous of the Angels” is making an impact worldwide. She won five Independent Country Music Association Awards, including Overall Winner, Best Female Country Artist, Best Musician, Best Songwriter and Country Music Song of the Year. Jenn’s new album “Faithful” is now available worldwide on iTunes and Amazon.

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