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My Throat Always Feels Dry

My Throat Always Feels Dry
Dear Dr. Jahn,

I am a female singer – 25 years old. My medical mystery is that my throat always feels dry. The reason it is a mystery is that I drink 8 glasses of water a day and have been thoroughly tested for allergies. It appears that pollen, dust or any other allergies are NOT causing this condition. I often have to clear my throat and it feels sore after a lot of singing. Many thanks for your help,

– Asonaba

There are several things to consider. Are your eyes also dry? Do you have any autoimmune condition (like arthritis or thyroiditis)? I would check that out, although you’re a bit young for such disorders.


Look at any medications you’re taking. Many types of drugs (such as antihistamines, antidepressants etc.) can be drying

Autoimmune diseases sometimes include Sjogren’s disease (dry mouth and eyes).

Next, look at any medications you’re taking. Many types of drugs (such as antihistamines, antidepressants etc.) can be drying.

Do you have asthma? Some people using asthma inhalers (or taking frequent antibiotics) develop a low grade yeast infection of the throat.

Do you breathe well through your nose? If your nose is blocked and you are a mouth breather, that can also cause dryness.

Consider also whether you have performance anxiety – this can also cause dryness, and can at times be controlled with a beta blocker.

Anyhow, these are just some suggestions to consider. If it is a significant problem, you should see a physician.

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  • Alixandrea Corvyn

    I wonder if the throat clearing is becoming a self sustaining habit that is making itself worse? I had a similar problem with a cough that didn’t go away for four months, and eventually became a habit; the more I coughed, the more irritated my throat became and the more I felt I had to cough to move what felt like phlegm, but was actually swollen vocal folds. If you can prevent yourself from clearing your throat so much, that will probably help a lot. Consider using a strong, pushed out-breath with open vocal folds to move any mucus that feels like it’s there. Some people also find that dairy makes them cough more, and although there’s no scientific evidence for dairy causing extra mucus to form, it can coat the mouth and oesophagus, making you feel more ‘gooey’ and like you need to clear phlegm. Try cutting down your dairy intake and see if this helps. :-)

  • rakenrol

    Q.Q so its the inhalers fault why my throat dries after 4-5 songs