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Naelene Camillo – Please Don’t Go cover

My name is Naelene Camillo and I’m from the Bay Area. I love to sing so I take songs I like, rearrange them, then post them on YouTube. Why? Because it’s fun! Hope ya like my covers! :)

  • Hiya Naelene,
    Lovely voice and strong vibrato = I like!  Quite rhythmic for no beats!  I think you’re well on your way my friend and hats off to the keyboard player as well!

  • Naelene

    thank you so much for the kind words! much appreciated :)

  • You are very talented.I would work on your vibrato. It is very slow and quite distracting at times in the high end. It will be hard to break the habit but with more support and lots of practise  you’ll be able to speed it up. It will take some awareness on your part. Record everything and listen back. S

  • Andreagodinxoxo

    I liked how you didn’t imitate the original singer of this song and made it your own! Awesome voice and great tone :)