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Nailing the High Notes

This week we’re looking at how to secure the top end of your vocal range.

As a vocal coach, the number one request I hear from my singers is how to improve, secure and sustain their upper register. It seems that everyone wants to know the secret for nailing those high notes. But how do we get there? Is it extensive practice and technique, is it discovering the illusive ‘mix’ register that many coaches talk about? This week at Voice Council we’d like to get your views on this issue.

So the question is:What’s the secret to nailing the high notes in your singing?

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Great Comments from last week:

Last week Craig asked: With so much artistic content on the web, how do you make sure that your posts and videos are seen and heard by your fan base?

Brad Weston wrote…

“From pub gigs to Internet postings nothing is for certain in the fickle world of entertainment and how you measure “success” depends on why your in the game. In its purest form, if you’re singing just because you love it, whether covers or originals, “certainty of success” won’t matter. If you have a message (political or ideological) you already limit your audience (those who will seek you out) to those with similar views. If you want to snort cocaine from the naked breasts of groupies and trash hotel rooms you must kotow to the shallowness of certain conformity, the corporate notion of “the package”, where music is lost in the marketing”.


Joanie Penman commented…

“Link as many media sources as possible. My website links to my Facebook, twitter and Reverb Nation. And I have my Reverb Nation player on both my site and my Facebook. It updates everything when I add more music/another blog/an event”.

Ian Roy Orbison responded…

“1. Nothing works

2. Nothing works – ether the phone rings or it doesn’t

3. I don’t really have ‘fans’ – only trolls and stalkers

4. Assuming that something works and you find it – the problem is getting the recipient to click the link and press play. Then presenting your stuff in such a way that everyone receives your presentation in the same positive light”.

Some great insights this week everyone, please keep commenting and keeping this forum alive!

All the best,