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Neil Sedaka – On Dealing With Fans

Continued from our feature on Neil Sedaka…

You have millions of fans – what tips do you have for singers just at the beginning of the road in dealing with fans?

You have to remember that your fans have made you a success– so you will be signing autographs and speaking to people after the concerts. If a fan has written me a special note that I value, I will invite them to the meet & greet after the performance. In fact, some of my fans have come to all the concerts and we’ve become friends.

Is there ever a time when you have to pull back from fans?

Today you have to be more careful – you have to be careful about why they want you to be their friend. It’s a balance. The fans are very important. They put you up there and you have to cater to them. But there is a fine line you need to walk. If you respond to every invitation to visit a home and spend more time with a fan, you will never have any time to yourself. So, you have to honor the fans, especially the faithful ones without losing yourself. I want to add that the UK fans have been very loyal; they stick with you – they are loyal to the American rock and roll pioneers – Gene Pitney was embraced here. I went to England and Elton made me a star again. It is very important to be good to the fans.

Do you have any techniques in relating to fans?

I don’t blog or tweet; my life has been the music and the writing – no gimmicks no embellishments, people just come to enjoy themselves. I am proud of my work and the fact that I have lasted in this trendy, fickle business.

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