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Network Your Way to a Successful Career

Network Your Way to a Successful Career
Our community speaks out about how they are pushing their singing careers ahead…

This month we asked what you had done in the past year to increase your earnings from singing. The answers we received ranged from using the internet to get more work to giving others work:

Branching out to America to make online vocal coaching videos! I’m there working towards it right now!

I have started Vocal Coaching in the past year. It’s been such a rewarding job plus earns money whilst having fun helping others.

I have started promoting other quality entertainers to fill what I can’t and help start their own careers.

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Remember: You Are Not Alone

Helping each other out is a great way of making the performing arts and music industries more friendly and supportive.

Of course we all know that networking is the name of the game, so a little camaraderie will boost anyone’s career! Kathy Alexander agrees that it’s all about who you know, but it can be scary at times:

I just moved to the town I’m in three weeks ago, so I need to make contacts with local musicians before I can do anything. I may sign up for a series of jam sessions. That kind of thing always makes me nervous, but it will help me meet people!

We all feel the fear, but we must remember that we are sociable animals and everybody would like more friends – think about what you can bring to the table too.

Skill swaps are a great way to connect. As well as having a bank full of money, it is just as important to have a bank full of favours and good deeds that we can cash in!

In addition to working hard to create music and promote ourselves, it is also important to rest our tired larynxes and re-set our hectic minds:

I take a planned day off at the end of each month to celebrate and fuel my artistic tank. It’s amazing what a purposeful 24 hour break can do.