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NEW Coach in Residence: Daniel Borch

Is there anything our New Vocal Coach in Residence hasn’t done?

He’s a lead vocalist in several contemporary commercial bands, a recording artist and has been a regular vocal coach on Sweden’s ‘Idol’, ‘X-Factor’ and ‘True Talent’.

He’s also a top coach, holding a PhD in Music Performance.

We’re ecstatic to have Daniel Zangger Borch as our Vocal Coach in Residence for the next 8 weeks. We’ve given Daniel only a sentence to reply to all of our questions.

A Vocalist who inspires:
Stevie Wonder

Weirdest thing to happen in a performance.
Bomb threat in Bosnia

What did you do?
It happened in the middle of the performance: we had to get off stage, cancel the gig, get our helmets on and head west!

Top recording tip.
Don’t stay on a problem spot for too long – come back to it when the rest is done.

Your first music teacher & what you remember:
Jarl Einar Johansson- he liked my cracking puberty voice.

The perfect mic for you:
Recording: Manley
Live: TGX 60

A favorite nerves remedy:
Don´t let thoughts stay.

Bruce Dickinson

Worst advice on singing you’ve ever heard:
“The vocal folds are so tiny that a warm up doesn’t make any difference.”

Your biggest performance blunder.
I forgot my lyrics while singing a specially written tribute to the Swedish crown princess on national TV.

How did you handle this?
I just made up nonsense words and the King looked very confused ☺.

How did you coach yourself afterwards?
I got over it after a couple of days with thoughts like: “It went by so quickly, no one noticed”, “I’m not the center of the world”, “people in the business realize that TV production generally provides too little time to prepare”… and so on.

Where most singers mess up with vocal health:
Partying and unhealthy talking habits

Fav. Album:
Journey – Raised on Radio

Best advice someone ever gave you about performing:
You always have something to give – even when the voice is gone.

What you’d never leave home without.
Car-sick tablets

What’s different about a vocalist vocation today compared to 20 years ago?
The YouTube generation have access to a lot of knowledge – so they can become better at singing at an earlier age compared to previous generations. But notice I said “can” ☺.

Bad thing to say to a sound engineer:
There’s a feed back squeak somewhere…

Good thing to say to a sound engineer:
My monitor sound is really superb.

Favorite quote about singing:
The voice is a mirror of your feelings.

The perfect day.
Those times when you are feeling the ability to meet every challenge that can possibly come at you

Daniel begins sharing his views in one week – in the meantime, watch for Simone Niles’ final article this wednesday!

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Daniel Zangger Borch is one of Sweden’s most recognised vocal coaches. He has been a regular on adjudicating panels for popular TV shows such as ‘Idol’, ‘True Talent’ and ‘X-Factor’. He is also a professional singer, recording artist (with seven albums) and songwriter. Daniel holds a PhD in Music performance and is Head of the Voice Centre, Stockholm. His book “The Ultimate Vocal Voyage” has been released internationally. Hear more about Daniel’s career.
Daniel’s Ultimate Vocal Voyage on Amazon