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New Gear for Vocalists: Winter NAMM 2016, Part 1

Every year, thousands of people flock to the NAMM trade show to check out all the latest music gear that manufacturers are showing off.

VoiceCouncil brings you its highlights of new gear from this year’s show that will be hitting the shops in the next coming days and weeks.

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TC Helicon Perform-V

New live vocal effects for gigging singers (kind-of a cross between Mic Mechanic and VoiceLive Touch)

The Perform-V is designed to be a simple and great sounding solution for singers wanting to add effects to their live vocal performances. It can be clipped to a mic stand, and features intuitive touch controls that allow the user to switch on/off/alter vocal effects (reverb, delay and doubling), change presets, change tempo, use TC-Helicon’s Tone function (adaptive EQ, compression, de-essing and gating), enable pitch correction. It also has an automatic mic input gain to avoid clipping and a new anti-feedback algorithm. It is available now and retails around $199/£145. TC-Helicon


Celemony Melodyne 4

Studio pitch correction gets more advanced

Melodyne has been one of the top choices for studio professionals looking to correct the pitch of vocals or instruments. Version 4 has just been released and lets users manipulate the pitch of polyphonic recordings (such as vocal harmonies) as well as solo performances, and features more advanced multi-track capabilities. There are also a range of new features for sound design and more creative uses of pitch correction. Melodyne 4 is available now. Celemony

fender iem

Fender Pro In-Ear Monitors

Fender enter the in-ear monitor market.

Designed for on and off the stage, these new in-ear monitors feature a universal fit that is deigned to be exceptionally comfortable and a sound quality that Fender claim will “replicate your performance with concert hall detail”. They are available in five different varieties; red, blue, grey, and gold and will cost from $100 to $500 (£70 to £350). Fender


Electro-Voice ND Series Vocal Microphones

New and improved versions of Electro-Voices ND live microphones.

Electro-Voice have been showing off 8 new mics in their popular ND microphone range – 4 vocal and 4 instrument models – that aim to offer superior sound quality and smart new features. For singers there is the ND76 and ND76S (with on/off switch), that are intended for small to medium-sized venues; the ND86, for large concert and festival-sized venues; and the ND96 for maximum gain before feedback on loud stages. They will be for sale this spring. Electro-Voice


Waves Abbey Road Plates

DAW plug-in emulation of some of Abbey Road Studio’s famous vocal plates.

The EMT 140 plate reverb device is one of the most sort-after reverb devices in studio recording history – particularly for use on vocals. Waves have designed their new plug-in to accurately emulate the sound of four different plates that have been used on countless recordings made at Abbey Road studios since the 60s. There are also controls to adjust the reverb damping, pre-delay, cross-talk, and eq for each plate. Waves

yamaha keyboard

Yamaha DGX660 Portable Grand

88-key stage piano with mic input and vocal effects.

Yamaha have updated their DGX650 portable piano and introduced some new features, including a microphone input. The mic input is designed for singers wanting to perform or record their voice while playing piano and includes some basic effects such as reverb and delay for a more studio-like sound. The digital piano will ship in spring with a street price around $799. Yamaha


Warm Audio WA-2A

Lower cost recreation of one of the most sort-after studio vocal compressors.

The Teletronix LA2A compressor is a high-end studio compressor that has been one of the top choices by producers and engineers for compressing vocal recordings for decades. With original units now demanding a huge price-tag, and Universal Audio’s modern incarnation costs over $3k, Warm Audio have manufactured a version of the compressor with a more affordable price-tag. The devices use high-end components, but are assembled in China, enabling them to keep costs down but sound quality high. The WA-2A will be shipping soon and retail around $899. Warm Audio

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