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New Gear for Vocalists: Winter NAMM 2017, Part 1

The NAMM trade show is one of the most popular places for manufacturers to show off their latest gear to the world.

VoiceCouncil brings you its highlights of new gear for vocalists from this year’s show.

wa87Warm Audio WA 87
The WA-87 is Warm Audio’s “low-cost” version of the infamous Neumann U87. Although it is not an exact clone, the WA-87 aims to emulate many of the qualities that make the U87 such a popular choice for vocals and instruments in top studios. It has a street price around $599 and is available now. warmaudio.com

vrs8Slate VRS 8
Slate Digital have announced their ‘Virtual Recording Studio’, featuring the new VRS-8 eight-channel recording interface that is designed to be used in combination with their  VMS microphone modelling system to emulate the sound of several high-end studio mics. In combination with their ML-1 microphone, you can make your recordings sound like they were recorded on various large-diaphragm mics such as a U47 or a C12; Slate are also bringing out the ML-2, which emulates the sound of various top small diaphragm microphones. slatedigital.com

mm2TC-Helicon Mic Mechanic 2
TC-Helicon have been showing off their new version of the popular Mic Mechanic vocal pedal. The Mic Mechanic is designed to be a simple and low-cost solution to getting great sounding vocal processing in a live environment, featuring 8 high-quality Reverb and Echo presets, Tone function for Adaptive EQ, Compression, De-essing, Auto Pitch-correction and phantom power. One nice new feature is the ability for it to be powered by four AA batteries for portable use. tc-helicon.com

ntrvRode NT-49 and NT-RV
Rode have announced several new microphones at this years NAAM show. Among them is the NT-49, a large-diaphragm valve studio microphone with variable polar patterns; and the NT-RV, which is a valve version of the company’s highly-regarded NT-R ribbon microphone. rode.com

vss3TC-Electronic VSS3 Reverb Native
TC-Electronic have announced a version of their VSS3 reverb processor that is now compatible with all popular DAW formats. The VSS3 is a versatile reverb processor that is based upon their high-end System 6000 hardware device that is found in many top production studios around the world and used on tens of thousands of films, TV shows and albums. tcelectronic.com

usau99Soundelux USA U99
The U99 is a modern recreation of a vintage U67 microphone. It is designed to be as versatile and great sounding as the original, but without all the maintenance headaches of a vintage mic. There are certain technical differences between a USA U99 and a U67, however with a US MSRP of $2,599 it is considerably cheaper than buying a vintage model. bockaudio.com

wavesdugWaves Dugan Speech Plug-in
Waves’s Dugan Speech plug-in is designed for live speech environments with multiple microphones. It can auto-mix up to 64 channels simultaneously and uses a voice-activated process to control the gains of multiple microphones automatically and in real time, while reducing noise, feedback and comb filtering from adjacent microphones. (MSRP $599) waves.com

Look out for PART 2 of our NAMM coverage next week!

  • Dennis Barrington

    WA-87 sounds nice, but not really like a U87. I got one used from a music store and the grill fell off. 1-ply, glued. The Neumann has a 3 ply, eletrco-welded, which is soldered to the frame. You get what you pay for.