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NEW Vocal Coach in Residence: Basix

NEW Vocal Coach in Residence: Basix

This month we have 6 Coaches in Residence!

Basix have proven themselves to be among the very best of contemporary a cappella groups worldwide.

Their awards (including ‘Best European album’, twice) are too numerous to mention and they have been touring the world – USA is their next stop.

They are also dedicated educators, having helped hundreds of singers, groups, and choirs reach their full potential.

Quickest way to hurt your voice?
Neglecting sleep. Your body won’t restore and you won’t have the necessary energy to take full advantage of your technique. (Morten)

Best way to a healthy voice?
Awareness and knowledge. If it doesn’t feel right it is probably wrong. (Anders)

One way a singer can find their unique voice?
Record yourself – listen – and notice which part of your voice that makes you proud. (Peter and Anders)

An unforgettable vocal performance you witnessed?
Liza Minnelli in New York City. (Peter)

What made it so?
Liza showed me that the interpretation of a song to me weighs much more than the correct technique and impressive use of the voice. (Peter)

Best advice you’ve heard on dealing with nerves?
Either imagine singing to only one person in the audience (pick a nice one) or imagine singing to a sea of people you don’t know – whatever works best for you. (Anders and Morten)

Is there anything all vocal coaches agree upon?
No. Each coaching session brings something unique to the table. There is always something new to learn. (Anders, Peter & Morten)

Best advice about tech you ever received?
It’s a tool, not a goal (Anders)

What should a vocalist know about tech beyond their mic?
Which monitor setup that works best for you – is it in-ear, side fills, stage boxes and do you want it wet, dry, loud or subtle. (Peter)

Most important thing to know about singing in the studio?
Chose the right collaborators. If your producer or technician unintendedly scares or intimates you, they are not right for the job. (Anders)

If an alien landed in front of you and asked you to define singing – what would you say?
I would just sing for him or her… or it! (Anders, Peter & Morten)

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BasixWith a grand total of 5 international CARA awards, including “Best European Album” and “Best Holiday Album” the Danish vocal pop group Basix have proven themselves to be among the very best of a cappella groups worldwide.
Follow the group on www.basix.dk or Facebook