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NEW Vocal Coach in Residence – December

NEW Vocal Coach in Residence – December

He is widely recognized as one of the most innovative vocal coaches in the world.

Brett Manning inspires leading artists and new talent alike.

He is known for his fun, encouraging demonstrations, showing how even “brand new” singers can experience immediate improvement in the range, ease, and quality of their voice.

Now VoiceCouncil readers will have the opportunity to experience Brett’s gifted teaching for the next 4 weeks – starting with his answers to our questions:

Favorite quote on singing?
Singing is acting on pitch“Singing is acting on pitch.” ~ Seth Riggs

Talking about them usually brings them about. So…I’m in denial.

Worst singing advice you ever heard?
Open your mouth wider, push harder, don’t try to mix, pull up chest voice (these are all related).

Brett teaching a seminar in Budapest

Brett teaching a seminar in Budapest

Best advice someone ever gave you about performing?
Be believable, love your audience and you won’t “fear” them.

Childhood ambition?
Be Elvis and fish a lot. Done and done.

Your first music teacher & what you remember?
Mom. She sang in Vegas while she was pregnant with me, so I remember all those great sounds back when I was hanging out in the womb. Sinatra baby!

A favorite nerves remedy?
Prayer, preparation, visualization… rinse and repeat.Prayer, preparation, visualization… rinse and repeat.

Pre-performance routine?
Run at least 5 miles and completely forget that I have a show until I’m called and they say “where the h- are you?”. Ok, that last part never happens, but I show up literally thinking “Another day in the office”. Then I pray, do jumping jacks, push-ups… rinse and repeat.

The perfect recording mic for you?
Sure SM7 Now they need to give me an endorsement deal, because that mic “loves” my voice and my voice loves that mic. Mutual admiration society, party of 2 please.

The perfect live mic for you?
That’s a toughy! I’ll let you know when I’ve made my mind up.

Brett with Stacy McCloud from FOX17 News

Brett with Stacy McCloud from FOX17 News

A secret good luck charm for traveling/performing?
Don’t believe in luck, but a good vibe charm would be Calli tea!


Do-nothing critics.

Weirdest thing to happen in a performance?
During a cheesy karaoke ‘dare’, I was unable to hear the music over the cheers from the crowd and didn’t hear the key change over the crowd at the end. When the crowd calmed a little, I noticed I was singing in an entirely different key and was unable to get back to my key.

What drains your batteries?
People who can’t conceive of anything supernatural. Those who would rather see things in the material world only. Lack of mysticism.

What charges them?
Coffee, herb tea, reading, prayer, jiu-jitsu, songwriting… rinse and repeat.

Where most singers mess up with vocal health?

Top recording tip?
Kill your ego so the song can live.Kill your ego so the song can live.

What’s different about a vocalist vocation today compared to 20 years ago?
Far more competitive, far more opportunities. Everyone can afford to record and promote their own music. It’s the wild, wild west. Anything can happen.

Bad thing to say to a venue manager?
Can you park my car for me? I left it in the fire lane?

Good thing to say to a venue manager?
This is my favorite venue… I love the vibe here! Thanks for having me!!

Brett at Keyboard

Brett at Keyboard

Vocalists who inspire?
Bono, Jeff Buckley, Pavarotti, Bocelli, Dulce Pontes, Jimmy Gnecco (Ours), Eva Cassidy, Matthew Ward, Joan Sutherland, Chris Martin (Coldplay), Take 6, Phil Wickham, Joy Williams (Civil Wars), Frank Sinatra, Mariah Carey, Brian McKnight, Jonny Lang and Tommy Sims.

Favorite album?
Michael Jackson’s Thriller or U2’s Joshua Tree

Your life philosophy in 10 words or less?
Love God, love others, don’t quit… unless it’s smoking.

The perfect day?
Listening to my kids sing in the back seat while going for a beautiful autumn drive (this happened yesterday) followed by jiu-jitsu and a writing session (also happened).

My Reactions to This Week’s Peer Review Vids

Paco Paco – “Rockin’ In The Free World” (Cover)

I was entertained by what sounded like an authentic portrayal of Neil Young. The vocal quality was relaxed and individualistic. However the sound quality was overall muddy and a little hard to fully appreciate.

Gabriel Felipe Gabriel Felipe – “Lego House” by Ed Sheeran (Cover)

Outstanding vocal quality. Mixed voice is really developed. Lost me on the low notes… didn’t sound confident. High notes have a very special and enjoyable quality. Enviable. Your voice is marketable. Style is very current too!

Michael P Michael P – “WMD”

Shocking talent. At your age, you’re a little prodigy. Voice is stylistically a little pushed for where your vocal maturity is. Nice guitar chops. I would like to work with you to develop all of your voice so you can blow people’s minds at another level! Great sound quality too!

If you’re signed up to VoiceCouncil’s Peer-Review, you’ll be receiving unique coaching feedback from Brett Manning for the next 4 weeks. You can sign up now.

Brett Manning

Brett Manning is widely recognized as one of the most innovative vocal coaches in the world. His “Singing Success” program has made global strides in the way people learn how to sing. Brett’s uncanny ability to “see with his ears” allows him to identify exactly what is happening inside a singer’s voice. www.SingingSuccess.com

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