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NEW Vocal Coach in Residence for June

NEW Vocal Coach in Residence for June

Jeannie Deva gives her best advice on gear, venues and singing with power. Here it is.

She’s a celebrity voice and performance coach endorsed by Producers and Engineers for Aerosmith, Fleetwood Mac, The Rolling Stones.

She’s also a gifted educator who has reached thousands of performers with her wisdom on everything for singing with true vocal power to how to use the latest technology.

We simply asked Jeannie what she would say to a singer…

Scared about singing in public:
Make them your friends and with each song, tell them a story.

No matter the note, your voice is still inside your bodyStruggling to reach high notes:
No matter the note, your voice is still inside your body: High notes need less air, not more!

Down in the dumps over failed relationships:
Use the experience – put the feelings into your singing!

Wanting to vocalize with more power:
Vocal power comes from mind and body: the correct muscle strengthening exercises for richer vibration; awakening the resonance of your voice: your amplifier, and singing with BIG emotion – not holding back.

About to start their Facebook page:
Make sure you register your FB page as a band, otherwise there will be features you won’t be able to use which are important to have as a singer/musician.

Looking for inspiration:
Think of something that makes you feel alive or happy – or, listen to some music that makes you feel amazing.

Think of something that makes you feel alive or happyWho has a cold but just has to go on with the show:
Do a gentle warm-up beforehand and cool-down afterwards, don’t use medicines that will dry out your voice and contribute to a loss of voice, and try natural remedies to help you feel better and get through the show such as MatTea, Zicam (zinc nasal gel and cold remedies, Licorice Root tea or Throat Coat tea.

Going into the studio for the first time:
Spending time on your headset mix will make it easier to sing freely but if needed, employ the “one ear off” technique.

Wanting to make industry connections:
I have to say more than one here! 1) like people 2) get out to clubs, open mikes, networking hangs, and be seen 3) extend yourself and be interested in those whom you meet 4) have your EPK (electronic press kit) and business card to pass out 5) use internet searches to find places where you may meet the connections you are looking for and 6) be prepared and gain confidence in your “package”: you need to have something to interest the connections once made.

Looking for a vocal coach:
Personality and agreement on your goals are important in a teacher, but even more important is the factuality of the method; the skills to teach it to you as well as the speed of improvement that you experience: A good vocal coach will help you gain trust in yourself as a singer by empowering you with an understanding of your voice and will give you the techniques to develop it; the means by which to cultivate your own voice and style, and in so doing throw open the doors to your freedom of expression.

Prepare your presentation before you reach out: let them know why they want youWanting to sing in a larger venue:
Prepare your presentation before you reach out: let them know why they want you, but be sure you find out enough details about them to make sure this is the right place for you; what you do and who your fans are.

Trying to choose just the right mic:
The mic’s gotta FEEL good to sing on; feel comfortable in your hand, and offer enough power to not have to push.

About working with instrumentalists:
Remember, you’re the most important instrument! (Only partially joking.)

Wanting to buy their first piece of gear for live gigs beyond their mic:
You need to hear yourself well on stage and in rehearsal as well as have control over your signal effects: Check out the new all-in-one personal PA, vocal monitor and vocal reverb unit: TC-Helicon’s VoiceSolo FX150.

Who wants to get signed by a big label:
Why? – Only kidding – Make sure you are ready for this vocally and emotionally, educate yourself about the music industry and accustomed yourself to a high-level work-ethic: But all the same, some of the Indi labels may offer more support than the Majors.

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Jeannie Deva is an International Vocalist, Grammy member, Celebrity Voice and Performance Coach, Author of voice enhancement books and CDs, and a Recording Studio Vocal Specialist endorsed by Producers and Engineers for Aerosmith, Fleetwood Mac, The Rolling Stones. Originator of The Deva Method®, Complete Technique for Stage and Studio™ her unique method is used by singers and teachers worldwide.

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