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New Vocal Coach in Residence: Leontine Hass

New Vocal Coach in Residence: Leontine Hass

Her students have won major TV talent competitions, Mojo awards and performed in lead roles in London’s West End and related national tours.

Leontine Hass is a leading international teacher of voice.

She’s taught at the Oxford School of Drama, The Brit School, La Salle (Singapore), the Queensland Conservatorium, Centre Stage –just to name a few.

She’s acted as vocal consultant for ITV and ‘The Voice’ for BBC TV and works with artists from a wide variety of genres.

We’re pleased to have her as our vocal coach in residence this month – and have given her only one sentence to answer our questions!

Childhood ambition:
To get from Germany to Australia by digging a tunnel in our garden.

Leo with Student

Leontine with a student

Vocalists who inspire:
My students and all those who sing against all the odds.

A favourite nerves remedy:
A hug and a ‘get on with it’ attitude.

Worst singing advice you ever heard:
Put your tongue back and breathe from your uterus.

Best advice someone ever gave you about performing:
Don’t go to the audience. Make them come to you – don’t stick your neck out.

Where most singers mess up with vocal health:
Breathy, unconnected singing, not practicing, not practicing belt, not practicing head voice, not practicing performing regularly.

My two children, my mother, and my students.

Egotistical, intimidating, patronizing bullies.

Your biggest performance blunder:
Playing Jazz Harp and having blue and red lights shining on me during the concert so that I couldn’t see the F and the C strings which are blue and red on a Harp.

What drains your batteries:
Lack of creativity and sunshine, fitted kitchens, relentless niceness, putting clothes away, not exercising, the street I am looking for being in the crack of the map, losing my bike key, insurance.

What charges them:
people I love, music, singing, sun, water, sleep, films, dreams, sheer bloody mindedness and determination, silliness, my children, great food, rehearsals, concerts, being positive, nature, animals.

What you’d never leave home without:
Courage and the ability to fail.

Your life philosophy in 10 words or less:
It keeps changing.

The perfect day:
Surrounded by people I love and who love me back … and a good coffee.

Favourite quote about singing:

If you are irritated by every rub, how can your mirror be polished?

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Leontine Hass

Leontine Hass BA, Melb. Uni, BMus. Kings College London, Dip. RAM is a singer, actress, vocal coach and Director of The Associated Studios and WAM.Co (The Word and Music Company). As a vocal coach, Leontine has a busy private practice comprising professional singers and recording artistss