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NEW Vocal Coach in Residence – Lisa Popeil

NEW Vocal Coach in Residence Lisa Popeil

She’s performed live with Frank Zappa (wearing lingerie), done backing vocals with ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic, sung with symphony orchestras…

AND she’s an established voice researcher and coach who has received an LA Music Award for “Career Achievement in Vocal Instruction”.

Lisa Popeil is a renowned educator and coach who is VoiceCouncil’s coach in residence for all of April:

Quote about singing that inspires you?
“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” by Wayne Gretsky – applies to all human endeavors!

Is there anything all vocal coaches agree upon?
Use it or lose it.

Best advice about tech you ever received?
Sing past the mic, not to the mic.

Best way to a healthy voice?
Knowing how to support.

What do you mean by support?
Chest up, ribs wide, upper belly firmed out, lower belly going in for every note. That’s support!

An unforgettable vocal performance you witnessed?
Prince in 1983.

What made it so?
He was so shocking but his talent keep me frozen in place!

What impressed you about Prince’s vocal talent?
He’s not afraid to perform with his entire range, his pitch is always spot-on and his falsetto is fabulous.

Best advice you’ve heard on dealing with nerves?
Learning TFT – Thought Field Therapy or tapping – it’s a miracle for performance anxiety.

Is “X-factor” a bad word?
Not at all – it describes that ‘je ne said quoi’ or extra magic some performers have.

If an alien landed in front of you and asked you to define singing – what would you say?
Singing is an extension of human speech which evokes emotion in others.

Did you have a career setback that turned out not to be a setback?
Hitting the ceiling in my pop star career led me to my true calling – teaching!

Bad thing to say to your backing band?
Don’t forget who’s the star here!

Good thing to say to your backing band?
You guys are great – I so appreciate you!

Most important thing to know about singing in the studio?
With no actual audience, you have to imagine one to fully perform in the studio.

One way a singer can find their unique voice?
Experiment with different styles and see which excites others the most.

Gina Latimerlo’s Reactions to This Week’s Peer Review Vids

Marcelo Vieira Marcelo Vieira – “Let It Go” from Disney’s Frozen (Cover)

The high range parts of this song really show off your impressive sound up top! I know those sections are the most fun to sing, but you have to get your audience to stay with with you until you get to the “wow” factor at the end. Spend more time practicing the beginning sections – both getting the lowest notes precisely on pitch and shaping the tone in a more interesting way. Play with arching your tongue and showing some teeth on the low notes to brighten them up and keep them exciting. Create a rockier (guitar and drums) instrumental to match your vocal take.

Sarah Louise Dooley Sarah Louise Dooley – “My Immortal” by Evanescence (Cover)

You have a beautiful tone that makes me want to listen. It is full of warmth and depth and melancholy. Your chest and shoulders are too active in your breathing and singing – this puts undo tension on the vocal cords and can lead to you getting hoarse after a few takes, as well as can cause vocal problems in the future. Breathe so ONLY your belly expands when you breathe in and then support the sound by using your abdominal muscles to keep your belly out while you sing. Also, keep feeling the music even when you aren’t singing. The emotional life continues even when the words pause.

Jody Samascott Jody Samascott – “One and Only” by Adele (Cover)

You have a solid voice, and you use your body well to create and support your sound. The next level for you is to add some “sparkle” and “grab” to both your tone and your presence. Technically, you can put more “sparkle” to your tone by adding the “ick face” position. Imagine you have to politely eat something awful. Feel your nose wrinkle up a little on the sides and your bottom eyelids squint a little? That’s it! For the “grab,” allow the emotions to come through your face and voice and infuse them with an intensity and urgency that makes us feel them, too.

Lisa Popeil

Lisa Popeil is one of LA’s top voice coaches. She is the creator of the Voiceworks® Method, the Total Singer DVD, and the ‘Daily Vocal Workout for Pop Singers’ CDs, conducts cutting-edge voice research, lectures internationally and is a vocal health consultant. Lisa is a voting member of NARAS, the Grammy® organization, ASCAP, SAG-AFTRA and the National Association of Teachers of Singing. www.popeil.com

Gina Latimerlo

Gina Latimerlo is a polished performer of over 20 years. Her students have performed on Broadway, in touring companies, and have signed with talent agents, record labels, and national producers. The Latimerlo Studio also oversees singing classes in over a dozen cities in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her book with Lisa Popeil, Sing Anything – Mastering Vocal Styles, has sold internationally and throughout the US.