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NEW Vocal Coach in Residence – Mister Tim

New Vocal Coach in Residence - Mister Tim

He’s a viral video star, leading innovator in vocal a cappella music and a heavy metal kazoo player.

Mister Tim has performed on the stage of America’s Got Talent and was a headline performer on the Las Vegas Strip.

Then, there are his appearances in movies, on television, and in numerous viral Internet hits.

As one of the leading innovators in modern a cappella music, Mister Tim has created more than a dozen award-winning groups that have toured around the world.

Now, he kicks us off for New Year as our Vocal Coach in Residence – we’ve given him just one sentence (or less!) to answer our questions:

On Keeping Inspired

Mister TimTop Tip for keeping inspired about performances?
Experience a great performance by another performer.

Top Tip for keeping inspired for writing/arranging?
Stay connected to the world: a writer is inspired by life, so the more life you experience the more you’ll have to write about.

One sentence to calm down a nervous singer before they go on stage?
“No one here came to see you fail, they want to have a great time, so all you have to worry about is sharing a good time with the audience.”

Quickest way to recover from a singing performance failure?
Laugh about it and move on.

On Social Media and Marketing

Mister TimTip to Build Social Media Network?
Have a plan: it may look casual and spontaneous, but the successful online personalities are very careful, and very deliberate, about what they do.

Social Media FAIL for Singers?
Assuming that success is easy.

Does social media help you get gigs?
In theory, yes; in practice, maybe.

How about the old e-mail list – is there still a role for this?
E-mail is still the BEST way to contact fans: there is too much noise on Twitter/Facebook/whatever, if your fan voluntarily joins your email list you know they are going to get your message.

One thing all singers who post on YouTube should understand?
The Internet is forever: don’t put anything up there that you don’t want someone to see five years from now.

On Technology and Gear

The Internet is forever: don’t put anything up there that you don’t want someone to see five years from nowCurrent favored mics for live and recording?
Shure SM58 or Beta58 for live, recording depends on the studio, preamp setup, and application.

Gear purchase tip – after a mic?
Basic PA (small analog mixer, speaker or speakers) to allow you to gig on your own.

One reason singers may be interested in live looping?
They MAY be interested because they think it’s cool; they SHOULD be interested because it is a great way to develop their musical chops, to explore the skeletal structure of composition and arranging, and to develop material and opportunities for performing.

Money and Gigs

Mister TimTip on Maximizing Profits from a Live Venue?
Have merchandise to sell, rock your performance, and tactfully invite your audience to engage with your music: join your email list, buy a CD, come say hi at the merch table.

When is it worth taking a gig for no pay?
Any time there is value: it’s a chance to work new material in front of an audience, you can get good video, it’s a cause you believe in, or it will simply be fun. There are lots of ways a gig can “pay” that don’t involve money.

There are lots of ways a gig can “pay” that don’t involve moneyEffective networking tip to get gigs?
Figure out who the real boss is: the booking guy may not return your call, but if you can meet the owner, or the owner’s spouse, or a popular artist that plays there regularly, they might be able to get you your shot.

An alternative income stream singers should check out?
Behind-the-scenes work: running sound, building sets, stage managing, tour roadie…


One thing about singing they can’t teach you in school?
No one cares where you went to school; they care about the music.

Most unpredictable thing that’s happened to you in a live performance?
Catastrophic flatulence.

Most unpredictable thing that’s happened to you. Period.
Seven children. How’d that happen?

Mister Tim is a published composer, award-winning recording artist,and in-demand performer, teacher & performance coach. In addition to an active performing and touring schedule with his his solo vocal live-looping/beatbox shows, Mister Tim sings with Boulder, CO-based Celtic Rock band Delilah’s Revenge, manages the… Read More