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New Year’s Resolutions for Singers

New Year's Resolution for Singers
Choosing just one of these resolutions could make all the difference to your musical feats this year.

There are so many things that we could do, but why not just quickly scan our list of resolutions, choose just one that stands out to you.

Then, read the accompanying article and make your own plans to take things forward in this area.

“My New Year’s Resolution is to…”


Go on stage

Maybe you’ve never done it before. Maybe you used to perform on stage but had your confidence knocked. 2016 is the year you will face your fears and get up on stage, whether that’s a karaoke night, audition, opera or gig.


Start a vlog

Aspiring artists are increasingly turning to YouTube, uploading quirky covers and unique originals, ranging from spontaneous recordings on their phone to professional studio recordings. You can gather quite a fanbase and it’s a great way of publicising your music.


Increase my range

Whether broadening your high range or your low range, practice warming up every day using proven techniques.


Get virtually social

TWEET every day. POST lots of cool things on Facebook. SHARE selfies and unique backstage insights on Instagram. Make people want to follow you. Set yourself a target to get X subscribers or followers or likes. Build up a community around your own personal brand. Then aspire to provide your musical content to that community.


Take on a new genre of music

You’ve always comfortably sung R’n’B classics. Why not broaden your musical horizons in 2016 and give heavy metal a go?


Write a song

After re-interpreting so many songs and performing covers, maybe 2016 is the year to channel that creative energy into creating some entirely new music. If you want to be guided into composing, check out Coursera’s songwriting course: a free 7-week course run by Berklee College of Music, starting on January 11th 2016.


Get into looping

Performers are fast becoming their own managers, PR gurus, accountants, songwriters, and now even backing bands. There’s a whole host of great content over at Looping Live to help you get started.


Learn an instrument

It’s never too late to get good on a piano or a guitar. Make 2016 the year you booked your first lessons and got the ball rolling.


Learn musical theory

Whatever your genre, it’s handy to know about keys, tempos, cadences and other terminology. Swot up, and maybe even go for a graded musical theory exam. You get a certificate and everything.


Give up smoking

Smoking has a proven detrimental effect on the voice, as well as many other damaging health factors. Give your voice a chance for a long and happy career.

Have you made any resolutions we haven’t covered? Let us know in the comments below!