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News Release: Sarah’s YouTube Success

News Release: Peer Review submitter Sarah Bellah gets featured on YouTube.

Sarah Bellah was one of VoiceCouncil’s first Peer Review artists.

Now her song ‘Time Hasn’t Moved’ has been featured on YouTube—it now has almost 300,000 hits.

We’ve asked Sarah to tell us how this happened –and what advice she has for other vocalists.

Here’s a preview of her feature interview which is coming in a few weeks:

When you began your singing/songwriting, was YouTube a part of the plan?
I never thought YouTube would become a part of my everyday life, but now it is. After reading the countless emails from viewers expressing how my songs either helped them or inspired them, I was hooked.

How did you get started?
I was very hesitant about posting videos online, but I had written so many songs and was eager to share them. After some persuasion from close ones, I decided to give it a try. Only because I thought, ‘What are the odds that anyone will find me? I’ll just post a few songs and take them down after I get some honest feedback.’

Any advice for posting videos?
Make it personal, but keep it short. The YouTube audience wants to know you’re posting the video for them.

Any more advice?
You will have much more success if you make a video specifically for YouTube rather than posting a live performance of your act at a local bar. If you speak a bit in the beginning, so they know the song is for them, you’re more likely to get comments and subscribers.

Watch for VoiceCouncil’s full interview with Sarah Bellah in a few weeks.

Sarah is also our 100th Peer Review submitter – check out her song on our site.

You can submit your YouTube video to VoiceCouncil’s PeerReview – gaining valuable exposure and insight.

  • KidKenny

    Congratulation with youre youtube success, 300,000 hits!! Oh boy :-) thats great.
    Have you been able to generate any money out of all this? If yes, then how? Thanks.

  • I don't believe in luck…is it lucky that you worked so hard to get where you are…I think not! Enjoy the fruits of your labor my friend…you surely deserve it!!! :)