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News Release – Vocal Coach in Residence

On September the 15th vocalists across the world will be able to connect with a select group of leading professional vocal coaches.

VoiceCouncil’s new ‘Vocal Coach in Residence’ program will feature practical coaching insight applied to today’s vocalists.

Readers will be introduced to our coach through a feature interview.

Then, a special message of advice and insight will be sent out on our Peer Review Newsletter list during the 8-week residency period.

Coaches have been asked to look at the performances featured on our Peer Reviews and then consider relevant themes that will apply to vocalists of any contemporary genre.

Those wanting to receive this insight from top coaches simply need to go to our subscribe page, enter their info. and ‘tick’ the ‘Peer Review Newsletter’ box.

You do not need to have submitted a Peer Review video to be part of this – and we never share your email with anyone else – no spam.

This is an unprecedented opportunity for vocalists everywhere to gain exposure to the very best coaching insight.

So who is our first vocal coach?

This will be revealed in a Peer Review email at the end of the week…

  • koray broussard

    i cant wait someon get in touch with me accordionhos@yahoo.com

  • zena

    Hi, its now the 13th September and I have not had any information regarding the “Vocal in Residence” event.

  • Editor

    Hi Zena – if you are signed up to our 'Peer Review' Newsletters you will have had (a) an email last friday about Jeannie and (b) you will be getting her awesome advice on performances this week. You go to: http://voicecouncil.com/subscribe/ If you haven't been getting these emails check your bulkmail and see if these have been blocked. Best wishes, Greg

  • Editor

    Hi Koray – see my comment above about signing up. G

  • Amos

    I want to get the version 1.3 of voicelive 2!As soon as possible!